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Been working on this for days now and it's driving me nuts. I'm trying to export a 22-minute long sequence. These are my export settings:


File -> Export -> Quicktime Conversion

Format: MPEG-4


File Format: MP4


Video Format: H264
Data Rate: 25,000 (approximately - it might be a little more or less to get it to 2GB)
Image Size: 1280X720
Frame Rate: 29.97
Key Frame: Every
Frames: 3

Video Options:

Restrict Profiles to: Main
Encoding Mode: Faster (unless you want to spend a couple of days rendering)


Format: AAC-LC
Data Rate: 320
Channels: Stereo
Output Rate: 48.000 kHz
Encoding Quality: Best

I keep getting a General Error message. I've tried everything. Settings are kosher, I've rendered every single clip, full timeline renders perfectly well, I export just small segments and that works, don't know what to do.


iMac, Mac OS X (10.6)