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Maria Folsom Level 1 (20 points)
I can't find a forum for "Mail", so I'll post my question here:

How can I transfer my Signatures from my old computer to my new MacBook, into the Mail program? I tried copying the Signature file from old computer onto a flash drive, then dragging it into the new computer in the same Folder within Mail Didn't work. Any suggestions? Thanks.

G5 iMac 20"; G4 iBook laptop; MacBook OS 10.6.1, Mac OS X (10.6.1)
  • GfulDedFan Level 4 (3,315 points)
    Signatures need to be composed in Mail Preferences. Open Mail and click Mail in the upper left and select Preferences from the drop-down. Next click the *Signatures Tab*. In the left column, select the email account that you want to add a signature to and click the + sign under the middle column. The middle column is for a signature name or identifier. Once named, compose a signature in the right column. Repeat the process by clicking the + sign for additional signatures.
    If you want to copy a signature from an outside source (your old computer), open it on your computer, copy and paste it into the right column described above. -GDF