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Fingthish Level 1 (0 points)
Hello my mid 2006 iMac has a DVD stuck in the drive. Could somebody please tell me how if it's possible to open the machine to see if something is blocking the entry to the drive slot or something of that nature.

2 GHz Intel Core Duo, Mac OS X (10.4.11), intel iMac lacie 1TB external drive
  • Marcos Duran Level 1 (40 points)
    PART A.

    Important: Make sure the disc is not in use. Quit all applications that are using files on the disc.

    1. Place the computer in sleep mode.
    2. Press the Media Eject key at the top-right corner of the keyboard.
    3. If that doesn't work, drag the disc's icon to the Trash.
    4. If that doesn't work, restart the computer, then hold down the mouse button.
    To restart, choose Restart from the Apple () menu.

    IF A does not work try B

    PART B - Use hole near drive with paper clip. Instructions at link.

    If B does not work try C

    PART C
    IF that does not work try this support document but be very careful. You may have to help the disk out manually.

    Good luck.

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  • Carolyn Samit Level 10 (102,835 points)

    Never open your iMac. You might end up with more problems then just a stuck disc.

    Try booting your iMac while holding down the mouse. If that doesn't work, try booting while holding down the Eject key. ⏏

  • Fingthish Level 1 (0 points)
    Hello, I have been doing all of the above for a couple of days now to no avail. I would like to open the shell of my iMac and have a look. I am aware of the consequences and I know I the correct procedure is to take it to an authorized repairer. The DVD sounds like it is obstructed on exit and bounces back in and remounts.
  • jamesholden Level 3 (710 points)
    If you have the glass fronted iMac, then it's pretty easy. You just need some suckers, or a bit of parcel tape stuck to left hand edge of the glass, then pull and the glass will come off. There are a few screws then which allow you to remove the outer aluminium shell, that might allow you enough access. If not, just remove a the screws around the LCD panel and that then lifts out (just watch for connectors underneath).

    If you need to take it apart as far or further than removing the screen, do a quick search on youtube for hard drive replacement vids, the strip-down process is the same (obviously ignore the removing the hard drive part) but should help you.
  • Dave Stowe Level 5 (5,085 points)
    My iMac G5 had a disk that would not eject under any circumstance...I could hear the drive trying to grab the cd but never could....solution for me was to lay it screen down on a towel....start it up and hold down the mouse seems that gravity had a hand in positioning the cd properly for the eject mechanism to grab the disk...might work
  • Fingthish Level 1 (0 points)
    Thanks for the reply, no I don't have a glass fronted iMac. I found an article on how to take the cover off a G5 iMac which is a few models before mine but they look like they used the same housing components and I think that may do the trick. I recently had to replace the hard drive so the cover may be misaligned I wanted to have a look before I fork out another $100 service call.The disk is ejecting but sounds like it is hitting something and remounting.
  • den.thed Level 7 (25,655 points)
    Hi Finghish

    Frustrating isn't it, take a deep breath and have a look at this > [Disassembly link| isassembly.html] and these > [YouTube Videos|] part 1 & 2.

    Warning: Keep in mind that a replacement display or logic board will cost you more than your Core Duo is worth.

  • Dah•veed Level 7 (33,415 points)
    Marcos please download and use Mactracker. You are linking to articles for iMacs that Apple has not manufactured since 2002 and have absolutely nothing to do with the Mid 2006 Intel iMac for which the OP has asked for help!

  • den.thed Level 7 (25,655 points)
    545 to go David, I have seen you get that many on a good weekend.
  • Dah•veed Level 7 (33,415 points)
    That will take 6 months at least! Hardly anyone gives stars anymore. They mark the question as answered, and lots of times they post a thanks, but do not award any stars. Luckily I now have the Mac mini forums where I also answer questions.

  • den.thed Level 7 (25,655 points)
    No, but it feels like 6 months as you get close....

  • Fingthish Level 1 (0 points)
    Thanks Dennis that's got me going in the right direction. I'll have to leave it for a couple of days but when I return I'll give it a crack.
  • den.thed Level 7 (25,655 points)
    By the way, I still think you would be better off spending the $100, as it makes the service provider responsible for any collateral damage. If you do decide to take on the challenge, you are on your own and no one will help if it turns into a basket case.

    Take your time peeling the foil EM shielding from around the display it rips really easy...
    Handle the display and cables very carefully, the cables and connections are brittle at this age...

    Good luck on whatever you decide, let us know if you have any other questions!
  • Fingthish Level 1 (0 points)
    I did the smart thing and took it in to the service center, sinse they replaced the hard drive I figured that they may have not aligned the casing properly.It might be simple or I may have to buy a generic external. I could be lucky thanks for you help.
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