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Hi folks, I have just added a few GB of music and full length mixes to my iTunes, (not that I want all of these songs on my iPod at present) and after trying to sync, I dont have enough space.

I think its the 'Recently Added' playlist that is sending it over.

This is fair enough and expected, but I want to keep the Automatically Generated 'Recently Added' playlist, but cannot seem to find a way of deleting songs from there?

Any ideas?

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    You can't delete songs from a smart playlist like Recently Added. They are in the playlist because they fall into the category of added within the last week, month or whatever criteria that you are using for the playlist. If the playlist is picking up more than you want then change the criteria to a shorter period. Right click on the playlist and choose "Edit Smart Playlist", change the rule "Date Added">"is in the last">"Number">"Days" and make the days and the interval to suit yourself. Your rule can have intervals of days, weeks or months, whichever way it is set simply shorten the interval.

    By the way, removing the songs from the playlist may not necessarily remove them from the iPod. The playlist is just a set of shortcuts to the song files themselves. For instance, if for example the song is part of an album that you added to the iPod, the link to that song can appear in as many playlists as you want, unless you remove the base file removing it from a playlist will not remove it from the library.
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    Hey thanks thats what I suspected really!

    I organise my iTunes by having a seperate playlist for each album, organised in folders.

    I added about 20 albums, but only want around 5 of them on today, so selected those 5

    I find the The 'recently added' playlist useful because its an easy way of finding other individual tunes that I have downloaded or created recently that arnt in a playlist of their own as yet, but obviously the new 20 albums matched that criteria too.
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    *I organise my iTunes by having a seperate playlist for each album, organised in folders.*

    Why? You don't need playlists to locate albums. In iTunes you can use the browser and on the iPod you can use your menu and browse by album, artist etc. If you turn on the Browsing window from View>Show Browser you can easily locate the songs you want and filter the library by any combination of Genre, Artist and Album without having to create playlists.

    If you only want selected albums on the iPod then create a single playlist for the iPod and drag the albums you want to this playlist. Sync this one playlist to the iPod and use the iPod's album menu to choose the albums, artists or songs that you want to play.