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I just started testing out the Flickr folder sync option in iPhoto '09 (I've been using Flickr and have been managing via iPhoto using Flickr Exporter for years now) - on all of my original attempts, my Flickr folders always end up getting stuck in the sync cycle and the only way out is to force quit iPhoto. When this happens, I check my Flickr site and all the images have uploaded correctly, but iPhoto still reports it's syncing, and most of the images are marked "pending". Again, this never ends and the only way out is a force quit, but as soon as I launch iPhoto again, it goes back to syncing the Flickr folders (and around we go). Only way out is to delete the folder.

Now, I remember there being issues with the Facebook option in iPhoto '09 not liking certain characters (I had a "&" in a folder name and resulted in pretty much the same problems as above, but with Facebook). So, I was sure not to use and special characters, etc.

I'm unsure why this is happening?
Any suggestions?

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    I've had similar experiences when sync'ing stuff to Flickr. I find that it tends to get better once you let it do it's thing. Eventually the syncing subsides and the images won't be marked pending any more.

    I have to say that it's a bit frustrating though and I almost cringe when I accidentally click on a Flickr album and see the sync icon start spinning. I haven't tested this but I believe you can change the sync settings in preferences to manual instead of automatic. This might help - but then you'd have another issue of having to manage your albums more.

    You have to be careful when you Force Quit iPhoto during the sync freeze though, as I've done the same and ended up corrupting my iPhoto database and iPhoto couldn't open my picture library. Of course I hadn't done a recent backup so I had to download an app to recover the library for me.