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HELP! HELP! anyone?

Hi guys i have a problem that i have never experienced before, here goes...i have a 30GB 5th generation iPod, i was playing music when i deceided to sync so music, When i connected it to the PC the screen just went *white with lines across the screen* as though the display was damaged. The lines were showing different colours because the logo "DO NOT DISCONNECT" was attempting to show.
I tried restarting & restoring my iPod but that didn't work, when i restarted it the screen was tring to display the "APPLE" Logo after it was booting up, the screen was dark as usual when u restart it but with lines across and when the main screen came up it was white with the lines. Now the next weird thing that happened was when i turned off the iPod and then turned it back on the screen was back to normal, when i turned it off and on again the problem returned, if i leave it off for about *1-2 minutes* and i turn it on its fine but when i turn it off & on the problem returns.

Besides the problem with the lines on the screen the ipod is working ok, can anyone please assist with with the huge problem? i don't know what to do...HELP ME!

Dell Dimension 2300, Windows XP, Pentium 4 100GB 640MB RAM