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Is it possible to use one Itunes account to service two Ipod Touch's (each one requiring different content)? Alternatively, can I have 2 Itunes accounts using the same debit card? How would I do that?
My second child will shortly acquire her own Ipod and will not want the same stuff as her older brother but as I download - and pay for - their purchases, I'm confused on how to manage this.
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    Welcome to the discussions,
    If you are using the same account for both, you can set up each device separately. iTunes will "remember" the settings for every added device. There will be separate backups as well.
    If you use different accounts, you'll have to change the login every time you connect the other device.
    In that case a second user account for your computer would be the better solution.

    Here's more info on "How to use multiple iPods with one computer" http://support.apple.com/kb/HT1495

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    I have the opposite problem --I want to authorize two computers to use my iTunes account. I just went to iTunes to do this, and it authorized my second computer. BUT ... it says I have authorized 4 computers out of a possible 5. I did not authorize so many. I think it is failing to recognize the second computer that I have now "authorized" twice! This bothers me because I am about to get a new computer and don't want to use up all my chances!
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    Why do you care if you use up your 5?

    If you need to add more, you can just de-authorize all and start over.