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I'm wondering if I replaced my internal HDD in my Time Capsule with an SSD (when they're capacity grows) would the temperature drop and if so by how much. I've read that SSd HDDs do produce heat but not nearly as much, as the HDD will be in as much use as today's HDDs would I really get benefits of cooling?

The one thing I'm worried about more than anything with the TC is its temperature, so I thought an SSD HDD would be the solution. I think it would be ideal also because those kinds of HDDs are good at small file access, not large video files.

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    You wont have a chance to get an answer till a proper SSD is available and we know how much power they are consuming and what their operating temperature will be.

    I have replaced the internal drive of my TC with a 2TB green line drive from WD.
    As my TC is located in dark corner of a little dark room, I skipped it to put back the light gray rubber back on and rather supported the TC with 2 little pieces of foam. It has now a little more air beneath it and less vibrations make it to the table.

    No trouble since (actually no trouble before that modification either).
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    What do you mean a proper SSD, they exist now? I'm just worried about the heat. I don't think a removal of the bottom rubber mat is going to do much, Apple just kitten out their new White MacBooks with a similar material underneath.

    I think if the HDD ran cooler then the heat issue would go away, thus SSD. Also, isn't SSD going to be better for backing up all manner of files, unless you've got really large ones, I think it handles small files really well?!

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    IMHO SSDs are still way to expensive and their capacity is way to low. Myself and a bunch of people I know are working with IT. But I know nobody who has bought a SSD yet. So I have no experience.
    But they are subjected to warm up during operation as well. I am not sure whether they wont heat the TC as much or less than a regular Hard Drive does. Both can be.

    You are right concerning the rubber piece. As mentioned - I did not have problems before. And since the TC was designed that way, it most probably wont improve things if you remove the rubber part. I just did it by occasion and it does not harm.

    Yep, greetings from Germany!
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    I just removed the rubber feet also. It came of pretty easily because of the heat. I now have it on it's side and I gotta think that without the rubber feet the temp should drop a few degrees. Only time will tell.
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    No way, well designed towers use the internal dynamics to channel the air to cool the inside components. Thus leaving everything outside would not keep things cooler - I think this was the reasoning behind Apple's past release of their Pro tower.

    The HDD itself needs to produce less heat aka an SSD HDD and some better heat extraction fan(s). But I think the SSD will make the difference.