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I shoot weddings. For the first half of this year I have a database of 40247. A condensed version of my workflow is to import the Raw files into Aperture, create an album called proofs that I work from originally. Export client JPEGs out of the Proof album, burn to disc. Client gets to pick images for print. I go back to the proofs and poof an image has vanished? It it not in the main project, or anywhere else in the library. I have the actual JPEG that I exported out of Aperture in the client folder as well as online so I know it was there when I exported all the images.... it's just not there now? Anyone else ever have a missing image? Any thoughts? For what it's worth, I have plenty of back ups and I am not yet loosing any sleep over this... unless I find out others are having this issue.... in which case I won't be getting any newer versions of Aperture

G5 D2.7, D1.8, MBP 17", Mac OS X (10.5.8)
  • Tony Gay Level 4 Level 4
    here are a few immediate thoughts.
    managed or Referenced library?
    do you know the file name of the missing image?
    can you search the HDD for the file if referenced?
    Is it possible that there is some search function applied to the album that is preventing it from appearing.
    In the browser try changing the search function from "Unrated or Better" to "Show All", it may be possible that you accidentally rejected the image.
    If you are looking in the album for the image, try looking in the project that contains the album, it is possible that the image was accidentally deleted from the album.
    It is possible that the image was accidentally moved to another project or area of the library, go to the "Library" level and select "All Photos" then either using the Mark 1 Eyeball flick through your images or using the search functions try and find the image.

    A few ideas to help you along, hope one of them helps.

  • Mike Bisom1 Level 4 Level 4
    Yes (MK1248)
    A search gives me the client JPEG only.
    I did go to the All Photos and the image simply isn't there... thinking it was rejected or moved somehow.

    The scary part is I could have gone forever without ever knowing it was missing. The only reason I know is that the client ordered a print of the image. So I was just checking to see if it happened to anyone else.
  • Tony Gay Level 4 Level 4
    I realise this may be too late, but when you delete a managed file it is moved to the trash.

    Alternatively have you opened the library package and searched through it for the file?

  • Mike Bisom1 Level 4 Level 4
    I did a spotlight search for the file which turned up the JPEG version sent to the client. I also did a search for the file based on the original filename as imported (since the file would have been between two other files!), and nothing. The Raw finally simply vanished. Scary.
  • salty777 Level 3 Level 3
    I've had similar trouble and I think it's been 100% my fault! To be honest I don't think the "delete" operation is well thought out and I've been caught out. There is a "delete master" and "delete version" option, as you know. To me it would be logical that if you choose delete version, the master isn't touched. Unfortunately if that little check box is ticked, whack, off it goes to the trash!

    I'd prefer to see the "delete version" pane with no check box, so you can't delete the master.

    I know it just takes a little more attention as it is, but just get a little bit inattentive and you're asking for trouble....

    Unless I'm missing something here??
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    You are missing something:

    You won't get any dialog at all unless the version you are deleting is the ONLY version.

    If you have more than one version and you choose delete version, Aperture will delete it w/o comment.

    If you have ONLY one version and you choose delete version, you are choosing to delete the master, and Aperture warns you that you are deleting the master.

    The check box you refer to only applies to referenced files and is asking if you want to delete the referenced file or simply remove the image from the library and leave the file in its current location.

    However, as Tony already pointed out, when you delete a managed file it is moved to the trash w/o question.

  • salty777 Level 3 Level 3
    Thanks, DLS..... I really ought to read the manuals more closely....!

    It is a bit confusing to a newcomer though....the "Master" I always thought was the original file, stored where you'd put it, and was never touched. I thought even the previews in the browser were versions, not the master.... so it seemed logical to me that if the only version you have in the browser is in fact the master, it should be referred to as the master; why refer to it as a version? I'm not making sense, I know!

    I do know that I happily clicked to get rid of a "version" or two, thinking the master was safe and sound elsewhere, only to realise later that I had in fact binned the master.... yes, I know, no need to say anything!

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