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Ernst Mulder Level 1 (5 points)
After I updated to 10.6.2 I can not use the pictures screen saver anymore for large image collections.
Neither by using the "iPhoto" options nor by selecting the folder containing all my photos.

Displaying the iPhoto folder with a year worth of pictures causes a five minute delay before the screen saver starts. When I point the screen saver to a folder containing all my pictures in System Preferences the panel stalls with 90% CUP usage and my computer fans start, I have to force quit System Preferences.

Before 10.6.2 starting the pictures screen saver from the same map took 5 seconds at the most.

When I select a folder with only a few images it works fine.

When I use fs_usage to check out what's happening it looks as if the screen saver engine does a file-by-file scan instead of a spotlight search to scan the pictures folder.

A rebuild of the spotlight indices using "mdutil -E" does not solve this. Neither did a re-install of the 10.6.2 combo updater. For testing purposes I created a new user but that didn't help either.

Hope someone knows a fix easier than going back to 10.6.1 since displaying random pictures from all my photo's was one of the features I really appreciated (iMac in living room).

iMac 24", Other OS, 10.6.2
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