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I have Mac OS X 10.4.11 with Safari...the Apple page is great, but frequently takes ages (or locks) to load....I want to change the homepage, but it's hidden somewhere i can't find. The one time I found help on the Apple site it led me to something that does not exist on my version...anyone have the knowhow to assist?


IMAC OS X Ver. 10.4.11, Mac OS X (10.4.11)
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    That ability isn't hidden at all. Go to Preferences > General and change your home page from the drop-down list of options. Changing it to an Empty Page gets rid of the possibility for page loading to take a long time or stall when you start it up.
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    Blithe --
    I answered in your other post . . .
    But you've gotten great advice from Golden.

    Here's my other post:
    +Blithe --+
    +Go to the page you'd like to use as your home page.+
    +I use CNN.com, but you can pick anything.+

    +While in Safari, go up to the left hand corner of the menu bar+
    +"Safari." Click that open to Preferences.+
    +Go to the General page (It'll probably open with that one.)+
    +Go down to Home Page.+
    +Select "Set to current page."+
    +It will put that in for you.+

    Anyway, I'm sure you've got all the answers now, LOL.
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    Both tries don't get me to the Safari "General" page...when I do what you state (which is what the Apple pages stated too) it gives me the Bookmark page, but nothing else. I can not get or see or find the General page anywhere. If it helps, my Safari is 4.0.3.
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    So what exactly do you see when you go to Preferences in Safari?

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    Blithe --
    That used to happen every once in a while . . .
    In the past, we looked for a grey oval button on the top left or right corner of the Preferences pane
    of the pane. They did away with that button a while ago. So if you don't see an oval up there, I would
    Quit Safari. Then go to your User account (HOME folder with the little house in it). In that folder, look for Library. Open it and go to Preferences. Then take the com.apple.Safari.plist to the trash and restart Safari. Restart Safari