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Ashley Drees Level 1 Level 1 (25 points)
I have been having some issues with TimeMachine and iTunes on my MBP - i am pretty sure this is not an Airtunes issue.. but sometimes when TimeMachine runs itunes stops playing for a few seconds.. if i turn TM off.. this does not happen.. i am moving ALL my three Airport Express to cable and i have just brought an Airport Extreme to try and get round this.. i will test with wired throughout and with WiFi on both available bandwidths... i get the dropout even when playing to directly connected speakers

can one 'Nice" TM?

Just had another few dropouts... this time with NO wifi connected at all.. gigabit ethernet to TM share on SL server - local hard wired audio and a second send to an Airport over ethernet (only - no wifi turned on).. the moment i turn off TM the dropouts stop... turn it on - they start again... not so happy about that.

Can i script TM backups to come on when machine is NOT being used? kinda defeats the great facility of TM - but if my audio gets messed up the backup can wait.

Xserv - MBP - iMac - mini, Mac OS X (10.6.1)