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I have seen several posts about this, but nothing that has been able to exactly describe my issue. I have a iPhone 3G on the latest firmware, 3.1.2. I was recently able to add my work exchange email to the phone and it worked fine with SSL disabled. At the time, we had not yet set up security on our OWA. Well that lasted about a week, then they decided to enable the security and since then, my push exchange mail with Outlook has not worked. I tried enabling the SSL feature on the phone and still no dice. As a result, my battery only lasts about 3 hours and the phone's physical temperature heats up. Once I delete the exchange account, the tempreceeds and the battery life returns to normal. I ahve been working closely with our IT guy and we can't seem to figure out what is happening and why it won't sync anymore. I get the error, "cannot get mail, the connection to the server failed" but in the setup, the exchange Account is verified. Any ideas?

iPhone 3G, iPhone OS 3.1.2
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    There is a security setting on the Exchange server that, if set, allows only devices with hardware encryption enabled to connect to the server. In that case, only an iPhone 3GS with encryption active could connect (neither the iPhone 3G nor the Original iPhone support hardware encryption). That would account for the situation you describe.
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    yeah, we tried disabling that, still no success. Thanks for the idea!
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    Hi, I have just run into the same issue. I was using ver 3.00 on my iPhone 3g up until last night when I upgraded to 3.1.2. Since the upgrade where my phone was successfully connecting to our Exchange 2k3 server and recieving push notifications for mail and calendar etc, this has now stopped. The result now being it will only pull mail on request.

    As mentioned in the post above, I have noticed the battery life on my phone has deteriorated significantly, to the point it only lasts a few hours, with almost zero usage.

    Please help.
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    hi there, I was just wondering if you checked to see how much data is transfering? I have an iphone with exchange 07. If my domain password changes, the iphone doesn't prompt me to change my password. It just sends packets back and forth in a loop.
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    My IT guy just found the problem, it wasn't iPhone or configuration, the problem was with the space in the Exchange, we had a few space and everything stopped. When he clean, the iPhones return into live.
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    I just left my blackberry last week for an IPhone and my Exchange (work) emails along with my personal (yahoo) emails are only pushing when I manually go into emails. So frustrating!! Please help someone!! Everything is set up correctly. In the last post you mention the "space on the exchange" - is this something i need my IT tech to look at?
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    I have tried something similar and my collegeaues as well. After a few month with perfectly running exchange it starts to loose battery and suddenly I can wake up with a fully charged battery and at noon it is at zero... As soon as I erase my Exchange profile on the Iphone and creates it again it works absolutely perfect.

    Of course I can do this every second month but I can't be right. My IT guy at work can't figur it out. Is it something with the server? We have even tried it on different types of phones (Nokia + Iphone).
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    It's sloppy housekeeping in the email app. It doesn't release stale connections. They build up, and each one consumes power. You don't actually have to delete the profile, however. This procedure works as well:

    1. Go to the account profile in Settings and turn off mail, contacts and calendar.

    2. Reboot the phone (hold HOME and SLEEP until the Apple logo appears)

    3. Turn them back on.

    It's best to do this with a WiFi connection, because all 3 functions need to resync.