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Hi, my first post. I've search the net for similar problems but nothing exact.

I have a Maxtor OneTouch 4 (1TB)that just returned cos I got it exchanged. While it was being exchanged, I used a Maxtor OneTouch (640GB). I had transferred everything from my 1TB to the 640GB.

Now that the 1TB's back, I want to transfer everything back. But when I try to transfer anything from the 640GB to the 1TB, an error message appears saying "operation can't be completed because an item "(of same name)" already exist."

After I click OK on the error message, only the folder gets copied over to the 1TB but NONE of its contents.

This only happens when I transfer folders. If I were to transfer individual files, e.g a picture, it's successful.

Things that do work:
- transferring files and folders from computer to both HDDs
- transferring files and folders from either HDDs to computer

So the only problem is transfers between both HDDs.

I read some thread that repairing permissions might help but when I enter Disk Utility, "Verify Disk permissions" or "Repair Disk Permissions" are both greyed out.

Does anybody have experience with this problem? Please help, the 640GB is exploding!

Thanks in advance!

Macbook (white), Mac OS X (10.6.2)
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