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Hi everyone,

From Windows XP with Bootcamp 3.0, I can't access my Mac users files whereas I can access folders being at the root of the Mac OS partition. Size mismatch? (my windows partition's size is 32 go and my users folder is much larger)

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Macbook Unibody 13' (Late 2008), Mac OS X (10.6.1)
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    Hi all

    I have the exact same problem. In Windows Explorer, when I open my Mac OS X partition, then navigate to Users\MyUserName, there is nothing there. The status bar reads "0 objects (plus 11 hidden)". I've tried time and time again to change the folder options to display hidden files and folders, but the setting reverts to "Do not show hidden files and folders" immediately.

    Before Bootcamp 3.0, I never had trouble showing hidden files and folders, but then again I couldn't access my Mac OS X partition either. Maybe Apple chose to keep hidden files and folders hidden when they added read support for HFS+ drives? (which would be stupid, the partition is read-only anyway) Either way, I think the problem is the inability to show hidden files and folders. Does anyone know how to fix it?

    Thanks for any help

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    Are either of you running Remote Desktop software by any chance? I know after I installed Microsoft Remote Desktop Connection, my "Username" folder vanished in Windows 7. I could see every other folder on my drive, and I could even still access the files and folders in the "Libraries" section (Music, pictures, etc), but it would not show up when I went to it via Explorer. I cleaned caches, I checked for hidden files, and various other Windows tasks, but still, no "Username" folder.

    Switched over to my Mac side to browse around. Realized the only thing that had changed on Mac was installing Remote Desktop Connection. I opened Preferences, went to the Drives tab. Changed it from none to Home folder, saved my settings, closed the program. Opened it back up, changed it back to none and now my Username folder is back in Windows.

    I'd suggest to check your Remote Desktop/Remote Management/Screen Sharing settings.
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    Because of losing sight of user data since Snow, while in Snow, I put data that I want to access in Windows into Shared folder which is in Users folder on MacDrive. In Windows, after "Online"ing MacDrive, I copy file(s) over, then "Offline" MacDrive. A step backwards.

    Because it is easier to go the other way, I now add to iTunes music only in Windows OS, copying it over in Snow.
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    Thanks for your answers but I still have the problem. I am not using Windows 7 so it is not about Remote Desktop


    Any ideas?

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    A previous thread addresses this problem: http://discussions.apple.com/message.jspa?messageID=10309888

    An invisible filed called .xauthority, related to X11, is present at the root level of your Home folder, and if it is deleted you will once again be able to see the contents of that folder from XP. If you use X11 applications, things are a bit more complicated - see the thread linked above.

    Bob N.