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I am having serious issues in iPhoto.
I have been attempting to make a slideshow timed to music. I prepared a timed playlist in Garageband and exported it to iTunes. After selecting the slides for the show in iPhoto and creating a slideshow, I selected the playlist from the iTunes menu and checked "time show to music". After saving the show I replayed prior to sending to iDVD and found that the show does not fit the music, NOT even close! I timed the slides and found that they were changing at a rate of 3.2 seconds. (the calculated value was 5.06). After several attempts I tried to use a timed show to match the music ("show slide for" 5.1 seconds). This should have given a reasonable match but it did not, each slide STILL showed for 3+ seconds. I tossed the show (I have found that once created you don't seem to be able to change any parameter) and created another setting the timing of the slides at 10 seconds. You guessed it --- they still showed for 3+ seconds. WHAT GIVES HERE??? Are those selections in the set up just flat out ignored or what?

Any assistance appreciated.

iMac 24 inch 2.93/MacBook Pro 2.16, Mac OS X (10.6.1), LaCie external in RAID 1 (mirrored) configuration/LaCir backup drive
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    A lot has to do with the transitions and their speed. Additionally, iPhoto just has troubles with precise slide/audio timing. Since you have a single playlist from Garageband you might consider exporting the slideshow without music, import into iMovie and add the audio track there. you can be more precise in adjusting the synchronization.

    If you're lucky enough to still have access to iMovie HD 6 you can achieve every precise audio/video clip syncing.

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    I have to admit that I've not tried using the latest iMovie to manipulate the audio for clips so it may do a better job of it that it's previous version did.

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    That was helpful. I tried the latest iMovie and found it inferior to the old version in this particular application. I have my older iLife06 disk. Do you know of any issues or problems if I reinstall iMovie? Can I install iMovie only from the disk.

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    I did succeed in reloading iMovieHD 06 (iDVD 06 came along for the ride) and am coming up on the learning curve. The first question (and I realize here that I should probably move to the iMovie group) is that the resolution is disgusting compared to the crystal clear result that I got in iPhoto slideshow going to iDVD. I did not get to the iDVD stage, but rather only the construction phase and I am wondering if it is worth pursuing further.

    Thank you for any assistance
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    If you're referring to how the movie looks in iMovie try exporting and viewing in QT Player. The issue has something to do with iMovie creating rectangular pixels from the square pixels of the stills added to it and that make it not look as good as it would in iPhoto.

    One tip is to create a slideshow in iDVD using the "+" button and add the iMovie project file to the slideshow. This avoids a second encoding of the movie, first my iMovie and the second by iDVD, and allows the movie to be scaled to the TV Safe area like stills are.

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    I don't know if this will solve your image quality issues but they are steps to help improve the final quality.

    Also, when the iDVD project is complete save it as a disk image so you can preview it in DVD Player. This separates the encoding process from the burning process. If the project plays as it should with DVD Player then it will burn satisfactorily. Burn to disc with Disk Utility or Tosat at the slowest speed available to assure the best burn quality. Always use top quality media: Verbatium, Maxell or Taiyo Yuden DVD-R are the most recommended in these forums.

    Also ask in the iDVD forum for more tips on maximizing image quality from iMovie to iDVD to Disk.

    You do know that iDVD will render movies/images down to 640 x 480 pixels unless you use the widescreen mode. I usually create my slideshows in iDVD from stills. I find that it gives me the best image quality in the end product. I often merge the multiple audio tracks into one and use it if I don't have any very precise audio/image syncing requirements.

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    Thanks so much for your assistance. I used the new iMovie, edited the Burns effect and added the sound in iDVD, it worked great.
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    I may have to try the new version after all.
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    did you notice a resolution loss when you used the iMovie workaround?
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    Maybe some as it goes thru an additional encoding process. Not so I notice it without trying. I prefer to create the slideshow entirely in iDVD as it gives me the best final image resolution (IMO) and gives you a true slideshow, i.e. you can advance and go back one slide at a time with the controls. The other methods require you to fast forward or back.
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    Old Toad. I am having a problem with my images looking very out of focus when I create my slideshow in iDVD. I feel this method should result in the best quality image when played from a dvd player, but I'm not having any success. Images I'm adding are 3.8 mb jpegs with a resolution of 1998x3024 and a few panoramic pics of 7.1 mb jpegs of 2334x4562. When viewing the finished dvd in dvd player, or on a set top dvd player attached to a standard or a HD tv, the images look fuzzy with little detail. It's almost like the images are being poorly auto scaled down. I was assuming they should look very high res being played this way on a HD tv. Do I need to do something with the images before adding them to a slideshow in iDVD, or am I missing a setting in iDVD?

    Thanks for your help.
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    Unless you're creating a widescreen iDVD project you should crop the photos to a 4:3 ratio before adding to iDVD. Most digital cameras produce a 4:3 ratio image. I notice that your's are around 2:3 and 1:2 (for the panoramic). Those will not scale down as well as if they were originally at 4:3.

    Here's an Apple document on preparing photos for use in iDVD slideshows that may be of some help:
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    Thanks Old Toad. Do you know if image quality is changed (improved) when changing a high res image to 720x540x72 before sending it to idvd ? I'm doing a test right now to try and determine that, but didn't know if you had some behind the curtain knowledge of what is actually going on when you throw a high res image into the slideshow. ie. Does idvd scale the image down to a curtain resolution for dvd no matter what resolution your image is? Therefore it is better to scale it down in a high quality image editor such as photoshop.
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    I don't think you need to resize, just crop to the 4:3 ratio. iDVD will resize it down. I've not tried resizing prior to adding to iDVD as iPhoto can't resize without exporting.

    You could export the files to a folder on the Desktop seleting 720 x 540 as the pixel dimensions in the custom size. However you will have to crop them to the default 4:3 ratio before exporting as iPhoto will only set one dimension and let the other fall where it will with the same aspect ratio. Then add the folder of images to an iDVD slideshow. To get them in the correct order re-title them in an album with a sequential number after the title and use the title as the new file name during export.