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Got this error after upgrading to my 2009 13" MBP with Logic 8.0.2 and 10.6.2. 8 measly tracks with a few minor plugins. Worked fine on my 2.2 GHz '07 MBP with 10.5.8 but no go with the 13", repeatable error -10010 without fail. Reminds me of the same issue I had with Digital Performer which pushed me to switch to Logic.

Currently running 10.6.2/4 GB RAM/500 GB 5400 RPM HD on the 13". Error happens randomly but usually within a minute or two.

Resolved by...

1. Installed minimum OS on the 13" (10.5.7).
2. Updated to 10.5.8 using combo updater, but ran no other updates.
3. Installed Logic 8.0.0 with no updates.
4. Tested same project that previously had errors; ran OK, with no errors or overloads.

Repeated same process on August '06 8 core 3GHz Mac Pro. Ran OK.

5. Installed all available updates, errors returned. Installed same updates on the Mac Pro but it still ran OK. Updates installed that resulted in the error returning are listed below. I haven't narrowed down which update/s cause the issue yet, but since I have Logic on a separate partition and OS I don't care to install updates that are supposed to "fix" what isn't broken. Everything works fine without the updates. Been through this scenario before with Final Cut Studio. My other OS partition runs FCP and CS4 along with my day to day apps just fine with 10.6.2.

Updates installed resulting in errors in Logic:

Logic Pro 8.0.2
Pro Applications Update 2007-01 1.0
MainStage Update 1.0.2
ProKit Update 5.0
PluginManager 1.7.3
Remote Desktop Client Update 3.3.1
Pro Applications Update 2008-05 1.0
AirPort Utility Software Update 5.4.2
QuickTime 7.6.4
Java for Mac OS X 10.5 Update 5 1.0
iTunes 9.0.2
Performance Update 1.0
Safari 4.0.4
Security Update 2009-006

'09 13" MBP, '06 Mac Pro, Mac OS X (10.6.2), 4 GB RAM 500 GB HD