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Yes, I do know the answer, because everybody writes software for Windows.

But aren't we at a point where times are changing? Many people exchange their PC's for a Mac nowadays, and the number of Linux (which is basically the same under the hood) is rapidly growing too. Those people like to play games too, don't they?

Does anyone see some light in the distance for companies porting their games to the Mac too?

Macbook Pro 2..66 mid 2009, Mac OS X (10.6.2)
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    Was there a question there that someone can answer?


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    I saw some question marks in my post?
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    And there was a clause in his response. You didn't ask a technical question on Apple products, so there isn't a question in your post that can be answered on this forum.
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    Do you remember the Terms of Use at all? You agreed to them when you signed up and there's a link to them on the right hand side of every page.

    Unless otherwise noted, your Submission should either be a technical support question or a technical support answer. Constructive feedback about product features is welcome as well.

    Apple don't make games. So your question is not about an Apple Product. More realistically, you're asking us about the mindset of people who develop games for Windows. How on earth could we answer a question like that?


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    Why not run Boot Camp/Windows on the second partition of your Mac. Then, you can have oddles of games. I think that the answer is that Macs tend to be more focused on the productive and the artistic than gaming--including including Apple produced software to get the job done. Apple probably does not want to do what it would need to do internally to satisfy the multi-game needs of gamers. The increased sales volume probably would not be sufficient to justify the costs. I am not slamming Windows. I am a Windows user too.
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    Did a quick check and there are lot's of games.. what games would you want to play on your Mac?




    Alternatively, setup an XP partition and load up all the Windows games you might want...
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    Agreed. You have to remember everything is drive by economics in our capitalistic society so games are written for the OS that has largest market penetration and most likely to return huge profit and currently that is Windows. That is also why one of the most famous game programmers, John Carmack, just recently rewrote some of his games for iPhone/ipod touch and made quite a nice profit from his own account.
    "Carmack said that there was a lot of "hand wringing" initially over the idea of spending the company's own money (there was no publisher to help fund development) on making games for the iPhone. Doom Resurrection, when it hit, was probably the most expensive game to develop for the iPhone, Carmack says.

    "It did really well for us," he said. "It was Wolfenstein Classic that made the argument for iPhone development for me. We made quite a bit of money off of that."
    http://kotaku.com/5397350/carmack-on-iphone-fallout-quake-live-and-elves-and-orc s

    That is not to say that Mac's can't be used as game machines since Apple actually has a webpage dedicated exactly to this you can check out:

    So in a nutshell to answer the OP question the reason you see fewer games on mac's is because it's not profitable. As you can see if there is no technical limitations writing games like Doom3 for iphone there is none for the mac.

    I know I've personally not bought a macosx game since I also have a pc and use that for games so I'm not helping the business case for more games for mac. Vote with your pocket and go out and buy more mac only games if you want to see more for the mac.
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    That is not to say that Mac's can't be used as game machines since Apple actually has a webpage dedicated exactly to this you can check out: