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For 24 hours now I have been unable to use any apps that need an internet connection i.e. Sky News, Telegraph, Apps Store etc. My connection to email and calender is very hit and miss often failing to connect. Picture messaging is also not working and not sending/receiving. Text messaging works normally.

I always have a good signal generally with 3g connection. My wifes iPhone in the same room works perfectly so I cannot imagine it been a signal problem.

Generally what I get is an error message saying network conection failed.

So far I have tried the following

1) Hard reset
2) Switching to airplane mode the switching on again
3) Restoring the phone to factory settings then resyncing the phone
4) Resetting network settings in the settings menus

02 are unable to offer any help beyond the above, and apple won't help due to the phone been out of warrenty.

My phone is a 3g, on O2, not jailbroken, using Microsoft Exchange for email, calender, and contacts.

iPhone, iPhone OS 3.1.2
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    You've taken all the correct troubleshooting steps. One more potential cause could be the SIM card - try removing and reseating it, or ask O2 for a new one (should be free). Else, it does sounds like a hardware issue. If you're near an Apple Store, take it in.


    There is no charge for them to diagnose the problem (they have a device to test cellular reception, for example). Since you're out of warranty, there will be a charge for repair, if needed.