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Hey people, I've tried to updated my ipod to v1.0.2, but I got an error message while doing it. Now, everytime I try to sync, it copies some songs and then I get a message saying "The ipod cannot be synced. The required file (or folder) cannot be found."
I tried to use Sharepod, a program which lets you add songs without having to sync with itunes, and it gives me the message, that the folder itunesCDB is missing (I'm pretty sure there are other folders/files missing too.)

There are nothing wrong with the songs, as I could sync before the update
I tried to update the ipod again, but it says it's already on the latest version. I've restored to the original settings and still have the problem. Is there a way to download the files missing, or downgrade the ipod? or any other solution? Please help!

Windows XP