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Questions re Apple's (now standard) smaller keyboard.

The standard keyboard now offered by Apple these days lacks numeric keys and other features of the extended keyboard that has been around for years. I do not need the stand-alone numeric keys, but there are two missing function keys that I do miss.

1. I need a "Scroll Lock" key as found on PC keyboards in order to switch between my MacMini and a Compaq Presario using a common monitor and a KVM switch accessory. Switching from one computer to the other requires two taps on the "Scroll Lock" key.

2. The forward "Delete" key. The "Delete" key on the standard Apple keyboard deletes from right to left. The extended keyboard has a "Backspace" key for that purpose and also provides a "Delete" key that deletes from left to right. This is very convenient.

With regard to #1, the Apple Preferences panel allows the keyboard to use the function keys (1-12) directly or indirectly, but as indicated, I also need a scroll lock key and/or function. And the second "Delete" key is missing in action.

Is there any workaround to make these two missing keys active on the standard keyboard? Scripts or whatnot?


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