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I want to save a background image on this webpage
when I used windows i would just rt click and save background and it would save only the background. when i do that with the mac it saves the whole page. can anyone help me. i can fine any help online. I am new to a mac. alexandra.

mac book
  • Carolyn Samit Level 10 (103,365 points)

    Go here and check out the bottom right side of the page.


    Use their e-mail to ask if their images are Mac OS X friendly and if so which Mac OS X version.

    Please click My Settings right side of this page and tell us which Mac OS X your MacBook is running.
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  • Golden Shoes Level 5 (4,015 points)
    You can Control-click (right-click in PC parlance) on the background you want, select Inspect Element, click on the disclosure triangle for Images on the left. Scroll through the list of various images listed there until you see the one you want (they will be small, so you may have to click on a few to display it at full size on the right-hand side of the window until you find the right one).

    Once you find the right one, Copy (Command-C) on the thumbnail image from the list, then go to Window > Downloads and paste (Command-V) the link there (the image will download immediately).

    Yes, it's a bit more convoluted than what you're used to on the PC, but it gives you much more control over what you download.
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    Carolyn, when I posted on the first message they suggested i post over hear. I did not know it was against the rules. also alexandra.
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    Here is some more info:
    when i RT click the options are:
    open image in new window
    open image in new tab
    save image to downloads
    save image as
    add image to Iphoto
    use image as desktop picture
    copy image address
    copy image

    when I LF click there are the options
    reload page
    open in dashboard
    view source
    save page as
    print page

    everthing is fine except it wont just save the background it saves the twitter example page too. hope this helps. alexandra.
  • Golden Shoes Level 5 (4,015 points)
    If you Left-clicked on the actual background you want to save, you should see Inspect Element right after the Print Page… option. Do you not see that, even if you Control-click?

    If you don't have your Develop menu enabled, do that first by going to Preferences > Advanced and check the box to enable it. Then go back and try Control-click again.
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    Thankyou Golden shoes. I never found the inspect element, but i put the develop on the menu bar. I tried to save in firefox and it has an option that you can view the background and i did save that. so for now i am happy. it will only save in my main picture file but that is ok. thanks for all you help. alexandra.
  • Golden Shoes Level 5 (4,015 points)
    Okay, but once you have the Develop menu enabled in Safari, you can select the background (at full resolution in your browser) and choose "Show Web Inspector" from the Develop menu and you'll see the same thing as if you had Control-clicked on the background and chosen "Inspect Element".
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    Another way to download any element of a web page in Safari is through the Activity window (from the Window menu).

    Find the element you want (in the case of a Twitter background scan the beginning of the lines and look for http://www.twitrbackgrounds.com, followed by the name of the file that has .jpg extension), then option-double-click on the item. It will be downloaded to your downloads folder.

    The same technique can be used to download YouTube clips or any other type of file from any site.