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I just dropped my iPhone and the screen shattered. The phone still functions properly as far as I can tell, but I was devestated with the damage. I bought the Apple Protection Plan when I bought my phone, so it's covered until December 2010. Does the Protection Plan cover a shattered screen? If not how much would it cost to replace the screen through Apple?

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    No, it does not cover damage that you do to the iphone.

    You may be able to utilize the Out of warranty program:


    "Out-of-Warranty Service
    If you own an iPhone that is ineligible for warranty service but is eligible for Out-of-Warranty (OOW) Service, Apple will replace your iPhone with a new or refurbished iPhone for the Out-of-Warranty Service fee listed below.

    iPhone 3GS Out-of-Warranty Service
    16GB & 32GB $199
    iPhone 3G Out-of-Warranty Service
    8GB, 16GB $199
    Original iPhone Out-of-Warranty Service
    4GB, 8GB & 16GB $199
    *All fees are in US dollars and exclude applicable taxes

    For example, an iPhone that has failed due to damage or liquid damage is eligible for Out-of-Warranty service. However, certain damage is ineligible for OOW service, including catastrophic damage, such as the device separating into multiple pieces, and inoperability caused by unauthorized modifications.

    Apple reserves the right to determine whether or not your iPhone is eligible for Out-of-Warranty service. Replacement phones have a 90-day limited hardware warranty or assume the remainder of your standard warranty or AppleCare Protection Plan for iPhone coverage, whichever is longer. Please see Apple's Repair Terms And Conditions for further details."
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    Do I have any other options? In my opinion, the out-of-warranty service is pointless because it costs just as much to buy a brand new iPhone.
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    Your other option is to use Google and have one of the third party repair services fix the phone.
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    Apple's out of warranty or not covered under the warranty "repair" price pays for an exchange at a heavily discounted price off the full retail sales price for the iPhone.

    Since you purchased your iPhone at AT&T's heavily subsidized or discounted price, more than likely you aren't eligible for AT&T's upgrade/heavily subsidized or discounted price for a new phone including the iPhone at this time. Most subscribers aren't eligible for AT&T's upgrade price with a new phone including the iPhone until month 18 of an existing two year contract for a subsidized phone.

    Those who aren't eligible for AT&T's upgrade price for a new phone including the iPhone will pay considerably more to replace an iPhone that was damaged accidentally - more than likely the full retail sales price.

    The full retail sales price for the 3GS and 3G is as follows.

    3GS - $599 (16GB) $699 (32GB)

    3G - $499 (8GB) $549 (16GB)

    How is paying $199 pointless if you don't qualify for AT&T's upgrade price at the present time? And you don't have to sign a new two year contract with AT&T when purchasing an iPhone at Apple's out of warranty or not covered under the warranty "repair" or exchange price.
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    Try claiming against your home contents insurance.

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