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Hi everybody,
When i export an iMovie 9 project to FCP ( Share XML ) i end up with badly out of sync audio in FinalCut Pro. The iMovie9 project was create by my son, it has many short clips. Some clips have deleted detached audio and the rest are keeping the imbedded audio. The project runs very well in iMovie.
After adding the school's logo as a transparent id bug to the project ( picture in picture ), the transitions stopped working. Without some of the key transitions the video has lost the punch. So, i offered to import the project in FCP and apply the logo as composite in order to save the transitions. To my surprise every single video clip and cut has lost the sync with audio in FCP. Am i doing something wrong ? Is there a preparation stage before the "Sharing" XML to FCP that i am missing ?

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    Is your son using any fast motion or slow motion effects?
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    Nop, we have just a few clips with detached and deleted audio. Also, there are three clips that he had detached and extended to the neighboring clips for effects. Yes, i read about the issue of video speed changes and out of sync audio after export.
    i wished Apple would fix the issue of transitions and picture in picture in iMovie9. That and being able to capture the footage in ProRes422.

    Thanks for your attention.