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Hi everybody,

I updated my iphone 3G to 3.1.2 OS

I saw in my crah reporter library "aggregated 2009-xx-xx.crash" what mean ?



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    Every time you sync, crash report logs are sent to Apple. If you don't want to send these logs, right click your phone in the device pane & select "reset warnings". The next time you sync, your system will ask if you want to send the reports. Un-check the "Do not ask me again" option, hit "Don't Send".
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    Hello wjosten,

    Very kind for your response,

    I'll dot it I think... but you know what mean "aggregated crash" ?


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    As I said, these are just crash logs that are transmitted to apple every time you sync. The iphone is a small computer, & like many computers it does crash, although rarely. These reports help apple engineers further refine the OS.
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    I think he understands that. But if you look in the folder you'll find crash reports that are a bit more obvious what they're about. I have for example crash reports for VLC remote, Facebook, mediaserved (which I guess is the daeomon handling the ipod app among other things). But I too have been wondering what the aggreagated crash reports are for. They started appearing around the 3.0 update if I'm not mistaken.
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    Crash reports are a vital tool developers use to help squash bugs and improve their software. The iPhone OS stores crash reports on the iPhone whenever an app crashes, and those get backed up whenever the device is synced with iTunes.

    Now, whenever a device is synced and iTunes recognizes there are new crash reports, a program called MDCrashReportTool, which is part of itunes, sends these reports to Apple. Apple then funnels the reports to the correct app developer's iTunes Connect account.

    Hope this explains what the aggregated crash report is.
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    Thanks wjosten and kolikok, aggregated crash report appear since 3.1.2 OS update.

    It's a new I think.

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    I to would like to know how to decipher the crash report. Since I purchased an iPod Touch (updated with current software) ,recently, I have sent all crash reports manually, to Apple, in order to monitor the volume and narrow down any downloaded apps that may have sync issues.
    In my case, the crash reports, are not rare. Every other day one appears.

    FYI: anyone interested in monitoring crash reports may want to view the files then drag them to the trash or another folder to save. This way when you get another crash report it is not the same one repeating itself again and again.

    Maybe there is a report than can be ran to view the crash history. I am not aware of one at this time.

    By default the report settings seem to favor the user to allow the data to be sent to Apple in the background then forget about it all together.