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New to Imac. I've been trying to trsfer photos from Iphone to the Mac all day... tried getting into Iphoto to import, but couldn't locate the Iphone anywhere. Any ideas? Or do i need a different application to do this?

new imac 27, Mac OS X (10.6.2)
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    When you plug in and sync your iPhone it should open iPhoto if you have any new pics. If that's not happening, open iPhoto>preferences>general>connecting camera opens:iPhoto. Hope this helps.
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    hi musashi88, thanks for your response. Unfortunately i still couldn't upload. I have already done as you said, but I couldnt find the iphone device in iphoto, it is as though Iphoto could not recognize the Iphone as a camera, hence couldn't locate it? Its the same with Image Capture, can't locate any connected device although the iphone is connected thru USB cable (BUT from Itunes i could tell the Iphone is a connected device). Any ideas?
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    Ok. Well let's try a few things:
    1) go to the apple symbol in the upper left hand corner and select software update.Make sure you have the latest software. AND/OR
    2) go to Applications folder>Utilities>Disc Utility>choose your Hard Drive>First Aid>Verify Disc Permissions
    3)in iTunes under Devices>select your iPhone>check for update.
    4)restart your iMac.

    I am running through the things that I normally do with my iPhone. Hope this work.
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    Another way to do this is with your iPhone connected to your iMac

    1. Open Image Capture (Command, Spacebar and type *Image Capture*)

    2. Highlight your iPhone in the upper left of the Image Capture screen.

    3. In the lower left you will a window that says something like Connecting this iPhone Opens:
    When you see this choose iPhoto

    4. Disconnect the iPhone and then reconnect it and you should be all set.


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    Nope, didn't work. Image capture screen is blank and says No camera or scanner detected. Iphone is properly connected, i could see the iphone as a connected device in ITunes. All software is current, also verified hard disk permissions (but not sure what to do with it though), and rebooted... still didn't work.
    If i connect an external/portable hard drive to the imac, i could see it being a device in IPhoto, but not the IPhone... like i said, its as though the phone wasn't connected. Could this be a settings issue in the Iphone itself?
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    It's a setting somewhere, I suspect on the iPhone. Look under Setting, General and Restrictions, that should be set to Off.
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    Brilliant! Have been combing the various Q&As on this topic in several forums. Everyone had a slightly different approach, so i guess it really depends on what the root causes are... so many variables. BUT this worked for me... its basically turning off the Autolock function in the IPhone (under Settings>General). Thank you!!