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Conal Ho Level 2 (495 points)
I'm wondering if there is a bug in the iPhone OS 3.x or if my iPod touch 3rd generation 32GB is at fault. I have rather frequent connection drops from my wifi even though my wifi router is within one to two human body lengths (i.e., 12ft) away and my laptops which also connect by wifi never drop connections. My router is a Time Capsule. At my other home, my iPod touch also experiences frequent wifi drops and the router there is an Apple Airport (UFO model).

MacBook Pro 15" 2.16Ghz Core Duo, 2GB / MacBook Air 1.6 Ghz Core 2 Duo, 2Gb RAM, Mac OS X (10.5.6)
  • Dwight01 Level 1 (0 points)
    I have the exact same problem. I "upgraded" from 1st gen. 16gb iPod Touch, to 3rd gen. 64gb iPod Touch. I NEVER had a dropped wifi connection with the old iPod (so long as a connection was available, of course) but with this one, it CONSTANTLY drops connection. The only cure is to turn it all the way off, which I don't think I EVER did in the 2 years I owned the first iPod. Hopefully somebody knows about this and is working on it? Any input, Apple??
  • Conal Ho Level 2 (495 points)
    Dwight01, same here. I also upgraded from a 1st generation iPod touch 32GB to a 3rd generation iPod touch 32GB. Never had problems previous with the older iPod touch and my set up is exactly the same (I didn't move house, that is!)
  • Dwight01 Level 1 (0 points)
    I should have been more specific in the posting I just made, regarding "dropped wifi". Actually the indicator continues to show the iPod Touch is connected to the network to which the connection was made. There is no indication that the connection was lost; however, clicking on any app that requires a wifi connection result in a constantly spinning dial, and no result ensues. Then, the only way, as I said above, is to do a full off, and turn on again, of the iPod.
  • Conal Ho Level 2 (495 points)
    Ah! I see. Mine is a little different. My wifi icon actually totally disappears as if there is no wifi signal.
  • luvlabs Level 4 (3,610 points)
    If you haven't done so, make sure your Time Capsule is running the latest firmware. Also, unplug it, let it sit for a minute or so, plug it back in.

    On your touch, reset the network settings. Tap Settings > General > Reset > Reset network settings. When the touch restarts, log back into your network using Settings > WiFi > Other and re-entering your SSID, encryption method, and password.

    Post again if problems persist.
  • luvlabs Level 4 (3,610 points)

    Your problem is most likely not your WiFi connection. It sounds like it might be a basic DNS server issue with your ISP. I suggest you get around this by updating your router to use something like OpenDNS instead of the DNS servers from your host.
  • Conal Ho Level 2 (495 points)
    Thanks, luvlabs. All done before.
  • luvlabs Level 4 (3,610 points)
    Watch your signal strengths on your MacBooks. They are far more robust than a touch in maintaining connectivity, and you actually be seeing signal strength fluctuating - not enough to disconnect the MacBook, but raising **** with the touch.

    The other possibility is another network close by on the same channel. Again, not too much effect on the MacBooks but can cause touch issues.
  • Dwight01 Level 1 (0 points)
    Thanks for the reply. This issue occurs wherever I am. At home, it happens to the iPod when getting the wifi signal from my home router (A Belkin router), but it also happens away. It doesn't matter where the wifi signal is coming from - my iPod Touch will stop responding. I live in Philadelphia - this has happened at other spots in Philadelphia, on an inter-city bus to New York, and throughout New York City.
  • rourkeor Level 1 (0 points)
    Hi, I'm having the exact same problem. Having used a 8gb touch which connected no problem to my Belkin n router, my new 32gb touch frequently drops signal. I see the signal strength bars when connected but they disappear when the signal drops. This was never an issue with my 8gb touch. I am using the same connection settings etc as my previous ipod, have tried resetting the network, switched it on and off - it's exasperating! I'm presuming this is a software issue which will need a fix from Apple.
  • luvlabs Level 4 (3,610 points)
    Make an appointment with the Genius bar and take your iPod in. If it appears to do it on all networks, then it should fail equally well on the Apple network in the store.
  • luvlabs Level 4 (3,610 points)
    I really don't think it is a software issue but it could be a hardware issue. If you want to rule out software then restore the device.

    One thing you could try is to reset your network settings on the touch. Tap Settings > General > Reset > Reset Network Settings. When the iPod restarts, then tap Settings > WiFi > Other and re-enter your SSID, security settings, and password.

    If the problem persists and occurs on different networks, then look into visiting the local Apple store for some advice.
  • Richard Smith12 Level 1 (80 points)
    I have the same issue of dropped wifi connection with my new ipod. I can stand 3 feet from my Airport and experience drops. The signal icon disappears for no known reason. Other computers on the network are not experiencing drops. I hope there will soon be an update to opsys to fix this!
  • LeFeudel Level 1 (0 points)
    Hi folks,

    i also experience the dropping wifi problem. No matter, what OS version is installed on the iPod touch.
    For me it looks like some sort of an "internal power save" issue.
    Without changing anything else like distance iPod to router, router itself, network config, etc., i just can keep the wifi connection stable just by powering the iPod Touch with the power adapter or a connection to a Mac.
    I checked the issue just for listening to internet radio streams using two different Apps. If the iPod is connected to wifi and just running on the internal battery, it usually takes 10 to 20 inutes until the wifi connection is down, the application complains accordingly, no crash. The wifi indicator on top of the screen is off. I have to quit the application and shortly after entering the home screen, the Pod reestablishes the wifi connection automatically, the wifi indicator is on again. The application for streaming internet radio connects and is doing fine until the next "10 to 20 minutes event".
    Having the iPod powered externally and having it positioned exactly as before (distance, height, angle) the wifi connection is maintained well for hours (literally).

    Well, i informed Apple care about the issue, but it has been denied as unknown. This seems to be Apples strategy nowadays...

    Can You people experince the issue please try the external powering thing and report the outcome please. Maybe it is an issue, which can be solved by software fix.


    best regards
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