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I have just tried using iWeb09 to update my website that I created about 6 months ago in iWeb08.

The new 'display' of iWeb gets a bit tricky on my 15" G4 laptop as the side bar which contains 'audio/photos/movies/widgets' is not adjustable in size. When editing my content, it is confined to quite a narrow space (due to the small screen size). I have managed to work around this while editing, but it has just blown me out of the water completely when I have gone to publish my site.

When I go to the top level of my site in iWeb where I can enter my FTP details, all the detailed information is actually hidden 'behind' the audio/photos/movies/widgets sidebar and there is no sideways scrollbar to access the information.

I have screen shots if required.

Any suggestions as I would love to get these updates published today if possible.


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