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Today I put my old XBOX on my Airport Extreme (n) network, and configured XBMC to connect to the attached Airport Disk using SMB protocol. It went without a hitch, except that when browsing the Airport Disk within XMBC, I can only see files if they are in the root of the share. For example;

- The volume in the Airport Disk is called "Storage", therefore this is the default SMB share. Within "Storage", I have several folders; Movies, TV Shows, Music etc. If there is a file in "Storage", XBMC has no trouble seeing it. If, on the other hand, I navigate to ANY of the folders within, XBMC does not see the files.

I don't know enough about SMB shares, but I wonder if there would be permission issues accessing files within these folders. Could it be that I need to create an SMB Share for each folder? Being an Airport Disk, I can't figure out how to do that! Snow Leopard doesn't have any Directory Access, or other such utilities, but even if it did, how could I configure shares on the Airport Disk?

Perhaps I'm barking up the wrong tree altogether, and I can certainly use the share as-is, simply by moving files to the root, but it's a pretty lousy way to work-around what should be a simple process!

I did consider creating the shares from one of the G5's on the network, and simply keeping the disk mounted, but again this did not seem a very elegant solution...

Any advice with regards to creating SMB shares on my Airport Disk (besides the default), or other advice to help me with this, I'd much appreciate it.


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