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    Better to keep this thread polite, otherwise it may vanish. On the other hand it may have run its course.
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    It's great you received a properly functioning iMac, I've been through 3 machines now. All from the Apple Store, each marked with a serial from consecutive weeks 45, 46 and 47. First had flickering, second with scratched glass and third with discoloring and dead pixels. Now in my honest opinion their is something seriously wrong with production quality or just quality assurance in general if some of us are getting 3+ machines which contain issues varying in degree. Also some users have had their iMacs for 3 weeks before the flickering started so I wouldn't say you are out of the woods just yet either.
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    Please don't 'dude' me.

    Are you saying only people affected by this issue should comment?

    It wouldn't be much of a support forum if that were the case
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    I have a iMac i7 on order. It hasn't shipped yet, and gives a date between 2 Dec and 8 Dec. I doubt that it will be here on the 8th, especially looking at the backorders in this thread, I just hope that whatever the problems with all the i7 iMacs we've heard about here are cured ASAP!

    I'd like to have my new iMac work right out of the box with no cracked screens or other defects! I don't really care whose causing said problems! Fix them Apple and send me a an iMac i7 that works!

    A Mac user since 1986!
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    Ordered 27" iMac i7 w/ 4850 ATI card, 8gb on Nov 25th. Today shows "Prepared for Shipment". Keeping my fingers crossed for an intact screen. Wonder if the packaging has changed too...

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    I'm sorry for what seems to be personal attacks at you.

    I believe ScotMij is correct--we should all be polite in this forum.

    It's not like we are face to face and can read into the subtleties of expression, and things can get nasty.

    This thread is populated with two groups--those who have problems with their quad-core imac and people who genuinely want to help and support others.

    There is no room for malice.

    I hope everyone has a good week, and maybe some people can get resolution and satisfaction with their problems.

    I really hope that the expected ship date for people moves up, even though I have a suspicion that hurried production to get the BTOs out the door may be the very cause of these cracked screen problems. I do not believe the damage is linked to the packaging or there would be Core 2 Duo machines with a crack in the same place and the mysterious pristine packaging conditions that the BTO i7 customers have experienced.

    Perhaps the reason for the delay is that an Apple rep has flown to China to watch production from assembly to final packaging to find the problem--and hopefully they will find it fast and the production line will fire up early.

    For that, I am keeping my fingers crossed for you guys waiting for shipment of your replacements. Who knows, I may be in your position soon.
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    Thanks Landrix. I am conscious of the fact that our Hosts here have a difficult task. Such Topics can get out of hand very easily and disappear. I have much sympathy for those with problems, given that my own i7 is behaving well. One downside of browsing these areas is that I peer ever closer looking for issues. I do have a very minor yellow tinge but acceptable, having browsed my own Aperture albums of photos. I may not have noticed it at all without reading AD!
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    Phew, just received my 27" iMac Quad i7 in London in the UK, all well and transferred all from my old PowerMac Quad G5, so far all good no issues whatsoever...

    Man this thing rocks!

    Good luck to all, sorry there were so many problems for some of you, sure Apple will do the right things for you all, believe me, it's worth the wait!

    All the best,
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    My replacement Mac just arrived (and no cracked screen this time). The packaging doesn't seem to have changed although the shipping route was a bit different based on the tracking (not sure if UPS is handling these differently now?).

    I haven't noticed any screen flickering, yellowish tinge, dead pixels, or excessive noise so hopefully this is a good one.

    My first problematic iMac had a serial number of W8945 and the new one is W8948. Anyone still receiving cracked screens?
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    My iMac i7 also arrived with a cracked screen.

    I think the problem may be a slightly raised section of metal near the very left edge of the iMac where it meets the screen at the bottom.

    See these pictures:

    At about 5mm in from the edge the aluminium of the iMac is not perfectly flat.

    From the 5mm point to the edge it is raised by 0.3mm perhaps.

    This might be enough that should the box have a bump in transit the energy would be focussed on the section of glass where it meets the raised section of aluminium causing the crack.

    I did power it up and it's very fast. I thought my web browsing speeds were limited by my connection, but the i7 iMac will load a complex webpage around twice the speed of my current 3 year old iMac.

    Also, I was slightly concerned with the glossy screen, but had no problems with it (apart from the crack). I called Apple, and they are going to arrange shipment of a new one. They could give me no ETA for that.
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    I'm on tenterhooks right now expecting delivery of my 27" i7 today based on what UPS has indicated as the scheduled delivery date. It has travelled from Shanghai to Osaka to Anchorage, where it landed at 12.35 local time on Tuesday, but UPS has not updated the Tracking since then. Did your Tracking show the same route as mine ?

    Those serial numbers are strange in that Apple obviously had to set the wheels in motion to obtain a replacement to be shipped from China, and yet it bore a Serial # that was only three serial numbers apart from your original iMac.
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    Andrew, you take a nice close-up picture! Would you update your posting with a shot of the right hand edge of the iMac base to see if the slight raised portion on the left is also present on the right? If not, then there's a manufacturing flaw and the crack begins right where the metal starts to rise!
  • Rick Lang Level 4 Level 4 (1,230 points)
    Joe, we are following the identical route, must be on the same plane, as I too arrived at 12:35 and left waiting in Alaska since! Not too happy not knowing what is going on; others have been waiting days longer than us.
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    I had received an i7 w/cracked display on 11/13. Received the replacement on 11/24. I shipped the cracked screen one back to Apple, it's on the truck for delivery today in Elk Grove, CA.

    Still on my list is to call AppleCare and make sure they update my AppleCare plan to reflect the new serial number. The print-out I currently have from AppleCare has the serial number of the computer with the cracked display.
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    About the request to take a picture of the right hand edge to see if this has the raised section of metal. I checked the iMac and it does not.

    It's just the left hand side, which does point to some manufacturing defect.