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    Rick, that will be interesting to see then as to how two different items that were on the same UPS plane from Shanghai were handled by UPS personnel throughout this journey. I'm fortunately closer to the Louisville, KY hub than you, but that doesn't necessarily translate into less chance of a mishap.
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    Please call Apple and report this possible defect (forward your pictures); it seems to be a simple explanation and very easy for Apple Engineering to confirm. Someone mentioned the new iMac unibody construction did not include that aluminum "chin" below the glass. If it is a separate piece then it may have had some faults in production for the batches of that part that were made before the defect was noticed.
  • Rick Lang Level 4 Level 4 (1,230 points)
    Joe, I just checked UPS tracking and both my original delivery date Dec 8th and estimated delivery date Dec 3rd have been deleted! Someone else waiting in Alaska said the same thing happened to their order status. Hope it doesn't end up on the Russian black market with all those iPhones! I'll wait a day and call UPS if there's no update re delivery dates.

    I'm going to post the same note in the thread on "shipping".
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    Rick, I just checked after you told me and yes they have done the same to my Tracking too. You know, when occurrences similar to this happen, such as no further information revealed, my immediate reaction is ...... did the plane need to have urgent maintenance after landing at Anchorage ? But this removal of both the ETA and original ETA altogether is ominous to say the least.
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    Rick: Well I just sent an e-mail to UPS asking why they had removed the ETA for the delivery and when I might now expect this delivery, for which Apple has already received payment three days ago. The terse response I received was exactly the kind of information that was already available on their tracking system only in limited form ( eg. In Transit ) and no response whatsoever to my delivery enquiry.

    I have never used UPS since I learned that they base their brokerage fees on the value of the shipment while we all know the paperwork required by Canada Customs is the same regardless of the value. I'll make a point in future to ensure that whenever I purchase anything from Apple I will do so from an Apple Retail Store and will avoid at all cost any purchases that necessitate UPS having any involvement with me.

    It's too bad that someone somewhere has decided to give us all the 'mushroom treatment', which I admit is a quaint way of putting it but succinctly on the nail. I'm almost to the point where I am beginning to wish I had never started on this exercise if this 'keep you in the dark' technique is the kind of appreciation one receives for injecting some of my funds into the recessionary economy.
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    Joe, our computers are not in Alaska at all! I still have no estimated delivery date but a new status shows my computer has left Kentucky heading for Canada! Do we feel folish thinking it was sitting in the Far North? Just UPS had not updated their tracking site. Next thing we know a stranger with a big box will be at our door!!!
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    Rick: This roller-coaster ride is going to do me in before it's over. From the heights of exhilarating expectancy to the depths of gloomy despair almost in the blink of an eye and then up to the dizzying heights again. Thank you for the more hopeful news. It still has time to be here tonight although tomorrow would be more realistic. My UPS Tracking even now still shows Anchorage as the last entry. I won't even bother to add further to my derogatory remarks for what I think of UPS.

    Now for the trauma of did it sustain any damage or not.
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    Once your tracking status is updated, hopefully it will have landed in Ontario. Perhaps you'll be giddy this weekend! I'm sure the best I can hope for is Monday or Tuesday.

    My wife wants me to rearrange my office so I don't have the glare from a window blinding me as I look at that glossy screen. This means I need to move an enormous (kid you not) computer desk with hutch without breaking the secretary station that attaches to one end of it. This desk (with hutch removed) is so large I had to disassemble it to get it into the office in the first place; don't want to do that again. I think I'll be moving it this weekend and the computer may be here Dec 8th (or Dec 9th, the outside date Apple first estimated it would arrive). I've already moved the other computer and, external drives, etc. to another room - been using my wife's computer since my Power Mac passed away this year. The nesting instinct just never dies when there's a new baby due for arrival!

    Post in an appropriate thread when you've received your new baby and got it outfitted.
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    Rick: With just a few minutes less than two hours to go I still have a chance for delivery tonight, but the UPS Tracking is still showing Anchorage, AK, US.

    I have my 24" iMac on a desk that allows me to peer to the side of it and look out a rear window that overlooks the garden. It faces north-west, but the only time I can see my reflection on the screen is when the screen happens to be totally black. All other times there's either a back-lit white background or a coloured one and there's no reflection at all. Now it could be a different matter if direct sunlight was entering the room, but I still think the white or multi-coloured background would prevent any reflection.

    I commiserate with you on having to move a large piece of furniture like that, for I would certainly call on friends, neighbour's teenagers or even relatives to come over to assist. I will most certainly announce the arrival of this elusive Apple product even if it is just to raise the hopes of others in the same boat/plane/whatever as ourselves.
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    I know the feeling. Back when the iMacs were 20 inches and 2.40mhz I had 5 machines in a row that had bad motherboards!!! But in the end it worked out good because in the meantime Apple updated the base iMac to 2.66 and had no problems. I have the new 21.5 iMac base and haven't had any problems thank God.

    But man I'm sorry you have to go through all that. But just think how excited you will be when you DO get your iMac!

    BTW whats with all the broken screens?!?! I don't get it. They pack them so well. I don't understand. Anyway, good luck with the next one. I'll say a prayer for you that it comes intact and unbroken.
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    Like many others, i received my 27-inch iMAC with cracked screen as well. My replacement 27-inch iMAC arrived today. Guess what ????....its cracked.

    *** ????
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    Oh what bad news... sorry to hear that. What are the first four digits of your serial number? E.g. W8947?
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    Well, despite what UPS told me in an e-mail this morning (a delivery on 8th Dec/09 ), I reloaded the Tracking page and completely denying what UPS had written, here it was stating that it had landed and at was out for delivery. It arrived at my door at and the carton was taken up to my 'office' and we unpacked it. What a huge relief it was to see that there was no damage to the screen whatsoever. It is now sitting there in all its glory warming up before I attempt to exchange it for the 24" iMac, which I am now in the process of backing up to Superduper, because I suddenly got cold feet thinking about using Time Machine. It is slow indeed, but the i7 should be completely warm to the touch by later on this evening. Commiserations to that fellow whose replacement was also cracked. I think they'll have to call in the CIA to finally get to the bottom of all this. Incidentally, my Serial # starts with W8947.
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    Thanks Landrix, but there is no need to apologise on other people's behalf.

    It is clear that different experiences being shared is no longer the purpose of this thread.

    The "I want it and I want it now" mentality appears to be increasing exponentially.

    Any future post I make (if any) will include a disclaimer, or I may just decide to boycott this forum altogether.

    While I understand how frustrating it is to receive a defective unit, I've been there myself with Apple in the past, there really is no point in shouting, screaming and lyrically stomping ones feet. While any delay in replacing the item is a disappointment, I find it hard to believe the basis for many complaints on here that in short 'Apple is out to get me by delaying my replacement unit'.

    I was merely suggesting, that due to the whole mass production cycle, delays (and flaws for that matter) are inevitable. If this has offended anybody, I apologise as no offence was intended.

    I should never have commented on a thread concerning i7 iMacs as I do not own one and have no experience with i7 based iMacs.

    Lesson learned.
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    The person who posted photos of a dimple in the metal at the lower left edge may have identified the solution. Please post if a fix is identified and when. I currently am using my Sept 17th G4 15" Powerbook and had planned on getting an iMac soon but after this and looking at the survey table showing the number of problems somebody posted (more flickering problems than broken screens) I don't know what I want to do. The Mini-Mac is not powerful enough for my needs and the Power Mac is too expensive. I really would like a 24" built to the current 27" specs. With this situation I may have to consider going back to Windows and building my own system.