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The business I work for is purchasing a new Intel Mac and they want to utilize its processing power with the current mac we have now.
The current mac we have is the PowerPc with Tiger OS.
The idea is that I edit a project and then pass it on to the old mac or the new one depending on what would work best so that it can render a project in the timeline or run compressor while I continue to edit on another project. Is that possible? I have looked at connecting the two via firewire and targeting one of the macs. I don't understand if that would be an advantage or not.

Any ideas or pitfalls?
I'm guessing having an older mac and a new one with different operating systems is going to be our first hurdle.
Thanks for any input.
Ymir Jr

PowerMac G5
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    The computers, if on a shared network, could share files more naturally;
    in fact PCs and Macs work together in a network.

    FireWire (Target Disk Mode) won't work to naturally share files since one
    of the two computers would be only seen as an external FW hard drive.

    Setting up a small computer network would be a better idea; since you
    can also share internet and other things. This could be done over an
    Ethernet network since all devices (or many) have hardware identifiers
    that help route data to and from them accurately & securely in a LAN.

    But, I know nothing about setting up such a thing; so hopefully others
    with that kind of information or links to refer to, will contribute here.
    More information on both the computers involved, their OS X systems
    and hardware configurations (build model, year, etc) would be helpful.

    Good luck & happy computing!
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    Hi there,

    Networking & moving files should be a cinch, even with different OSes.

    But you can actually have several Macs computing the project & delivering it to one with OSX Server & xGrid..

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    Thanks for the information. I have read through the link that BDAqua has so graciously provided. Thank you so much! I have turned on the XGrid on my main mac in the sharing section of the preferences. Does anyone know what I need to do next? The article did not take me any farther than that.
    I will start a new thread if necessary.
    Ymir Jr.
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    As long as you have a router and connect your Macs to it and thus to each other (and the internet if required) it's easy to set up 'File Sharing', where a computer can mount another computer's designated folders on its desktop and access them just like an external hard disk. It works best if you have the same account name on each computer, but you can access any account you have the password for. The method is described here:


    This works fine with Leopard and Tiger; if you have Panther that's a special case - it can be done but there are extra steps which I can post if you need.
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    I guess you don't even need OSX Server, regular OSX will do it...

    Setting up an Xgrid Controller in Tiger...



    Get Server Admin Tools 10.4 to make it easier...

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    Many thanks to everyone for their advice. The new mac will be arriving later this week. I will have 3 macs to network together. The first two are older and are Powermac G5s with Tiger OS. So I will have the new mac + those to tie together. We have a new Xserve with a raid storage device (not an Xraid). Our data center set up the Xserver and raid but I would like to be the administrator for our 3 macs.
    Thanks again for the information and I will add to the post as I work through the process.
    Ymir Jr.
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    Your link appears to be broken. http://www.macgeekery.com/gspot/2006-06/settingup_an_xgrid_controller_intiger
    I was there yesterday but did not have access to a printer to print your info.
    Ymir jr
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    Here's a trick I sometimes employ. In Google set up a search:


    It may show a cached version (which it does in this case). Maybe not as pretty as the original, but it's sometimes a way to get old information that's no longer available.
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    Thanks Limnos, sorry Ymir jr .