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Joe Swenson Level 3 (735 points)
when I attempt to do a secure binding using dsconfigldap I get this error:

"Error -14233 from DirectoryService"

I can't find any info on this error. Help!
  • Antonio Rocco Level 6 (10,517 points)

    You could donsult the Directory Service manual itself? Launch Terminal and issue man DirectoryService. As far as I can see error 14233 = eDSEmptyRecordName. Something wrong with your config perhaps?

    If you read the Diagnostics section in the manual it should outline how to enable the Debug log which may to narrow down the problem? To enable the log issue:

    sudo killall -USR1 DirectoryService

    Issue the command again to disable the log. You'll find what's been logged in /Library/Logs/DirectoryService.