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As Apple don't provide any sort of useful instruction manual with the iphone here are the probs and answers I encountered with my iPhone 3GS.

*copy numbers from old phone to iPhone*

1st problem is that my old Nokia had far more numbers stored on it than on the Sim card alone, so having received and opened box of iPhone with new sim card I switched off my old Nokia phone, removed old sim card, replaced it with new sim card and copied contents to new card, then ejected new card from old phone and fitted in new iPhone.

NOTE: You will need to have an iTunes account set-up.

From the main menu in the iPhone select 'settings' > 'Mail, Contacts, Calendars', then scroll down & click on 'Import SIM contacts'. The numbers should be copied from your sim to your iPhone which stores the numbers on its memory rather than the SIM. - I looked for hours before discovering this!

If you have more numbers on your old phone, then be careful to select numbers from phone / sim which is in the 'phone book' > 'settings' >'Memory in use' because you can more numbers from phone to sim and similarly protect numbers from deletion by moving them to the phone memory.

It took me three chip moves from phone memory from Nokia to iPhone before all the numbers were moved.

Note that text messages are NOT transferred from Nokia to iPhone via sim.

**No Service* or 'Sim not provisioned'*

Not able to connect to the rest of the world or SIM not provisioned may be down to you not switching your phone off properly, no thanks to the rubbish instruction manual with the iPhone where they assume you know where everything is!

Anyone looking for help on this subject, look to the button located on the top of the phone at the right, and hold it down until you see the message 'slide to power off' the slide your fingers of the message from left to right until the phone switches off.

This advice posted by my own problems with using the iPhone for the first time today.

Having played around with the settings for a few hours I need to make comment that the iPhone is light years ahead of its competition.

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