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Seb J Level 1 Level 1
I've looked around the various posts but none seem to describe a problem quite like the one I'm having.

I'm using a DLink 300G+ modem with my AE. I set it up as standard with the AE using PPPoE to get online. It works fine for the most part....

... HOWEVER, there are certain sites that I just can't get to for unknown reasons. I can't get to ebay, hotmail... and some others, and although I can get to the .Mac webmail login page, the page stops loading after it reaches the 'iCards' menu item at the top of the page. I have considered a possible DNS problem but after trying several servers I've ruled that out.

I've also upgraded the firmware on my modem to the latest one, and I've also downgraded the firmware of my AE (seems ppl had probs with 6.2).

Anyone have ANY idea what could be causing this? When the modem is connected directly to my PB everything works fine.

Thanks in advance!
  • Henry B. Level 9 Level 9
    This is a DNS problem. Trying to figure out where the problem lies, and how to fix it if possible, is beyond most of us. You might try manually adding in the IP addresses of your ISP's DNS in System Preferences->Network->Show Airport->TCP/IP tab.
  • Seb J Level 1 Level 1
    Nope, tried the DNS route. Put the DNS servers into both the AE and System Preferences.

    And the DNS idea does not work when you consider the fact that I CAN get to a website like the .Mac webmail, and from what I can tell it gets stuck on loading the .woa.

    It's gotta be something else. There must be some kind of issue with the DLink and the AE.
  • Henry B. Level 9 Level 9
    Well... it might still be a DNS problem, but not one easily fixable by manually configuring the Airport Express and Mac with the IP addresses of your ISP's DNS. I do agree - the bottom line cause of this problem is some sort of "issue" between your ISP, the D-Link modem, and the Airport Express. Unfortunately, there are not many options for solving this problem without trying to replace either the D-Link or the Airport Express with another make/model of device.
  • Dan Ramsey Level 1 Level 1

    I've had exactly the same problem with my D-Link modem. I swore it was an issue with my ISP, Pipex.

    But, having dug my old D-Link wireless router out of the cupboard and set it up in place of the Airport Express, the problem goes away.

    Let me know if you get any answers!! mailto:ramsey05@gmail.com