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I can't seem to find an email address to contact itunes customer service regarding billing account issues. I'm tired of rummaging through links that have nothing to do with my problems on the "support" site. I do not want to talk to customer service via telephone, they wont like what I have to say (and I wont like myself for it either). I simply would like an email address or java chat (I tried the clicking the chat bubble on the support site, but my guess is it's not "real", or a link is dead).

My issue is not with an incorrect charge, my issue is that I want to make purchases, but am unable to... with no means of contact outside of a phone call.

Thanks in advance, my apologies for transparent frustration.


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    Click "Support" at the top of the screen and follow the links to itunes support.

    You can e-mail from there.
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    I've been searching through itunes' support site for over an hour now and can't find it. Every link I tried is a FAQ database, or a link back to the support site. Contact us links take me to a page with phone numbers and links back to the support site. I called Apple to begin with, but was told itunes was handled separately and email sent to "them" (Apple) wouldn't fix my account related problem with itunes.

    It's very frustrating. I do appreciate the reply, but I simply don't see an email address if one is there.

    I even googled for an address to itunes, with only links back to the support site.
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    Click "Support" at the top of the page.

    Click "Itunes Store" On the left.

    Click "music Purchases" since this seems to be your issue.

    Click "music Purchases again"

    Click "Email us"
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    You don't know just how much I appreciate that. My problem isn't related, but at least I get a means to email.

    Thank you,