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today my iphone discharged fully. early bootscreen came when press the power button, and turned off. after couple of times it didn't turned on. i plugged it into wall charger more than hour, but nothing happened. also i connect it into my laptop more than half an hour, but same result!! im really confused because my iphone 3g is new. please help me. it's a 3.0 os iphone 3g

iphone 3g, iPhone OS 3.0
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    please answer this it's urgent
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    Have you tried it with a different cable?

    If so, its possible the battery is bad. Rare, but it happens. If its new you should be able to get it replaced under warranty.
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    i do not have the warranty. also my battery lifetime was really good. i don't think battery is bad. and the phone is new. any other solutions please?
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    Try putting the phone in DFU mode:

    * Plug the phone into the computer with iTunes running.
    * Press the power button (aka sleep/wake button, the one in the upper right corner) and then right away press the home button while still holding the power button. Hold both buttons down for 10 seconds(This part is important!).
    * After the 10 seconds, release the power button but keep holding the home button.

    If it works, then you should see a pop-up indicating that iTunes has detected a phone in recovery mode (in Windows, there's also a sound effect from the OS typically to tell you a device has been recognized). You can let go of the home button when you see this. If you don't get this indication, then try again.

    Once you get the popup, then click the okay button and then restore the iPhone from your backup.

    For most people it takes a few times to get it right, the screen will be BLANK! when you're in DFU mode, if there's anything on it, you're not there.
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    thanks for your advice. previously i have put my iphone in DFU mode. in that experience i think to put DFU mode, it need power to turn on. but now my battery is fully discharged and won't charge. but i will try it again. the problem is it doesn't charge. no heat on charger or phone for couple of hours!!
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    helo please help me
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    We've done about all we can do. If DFU didn't work and a new charging cable didn't work then you need to take it to Apple for a battery replacement.