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Starting yesterday, my internet froze up every time I went on certain websites like youtube or even when I was chatting with someone over facebook. I tried switching web browsers to firefox and it still did the same thing. I can go on certain websites (apple, google, yahoo, hotmail, and even facebook as long as I don't chat) but not other ones (youtube, moviefone, and many others). I run the latest versions of firefox and safari, my software is updated fully, and I'm using an aluminum Macbook 2.0 gHz dual core 4gb RAM (less than a year old) running Mac OS X 10.5.8. This also happens no matter where I access the internet from (using my university's internet connection does the same thing). I was just wondering if this is a problem that can be solved fairly easily or if I am going to have to call apple support.

Problem (in a nutshell): some websites (see above) cause safari/firefox to freeze up and the page doesn't finish loading.

Solutions I've tried: switching web browsers, switching wireless networks, checking software update, clearing cache and history.

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macbook, Mac OS X (10.5.8)