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Do you scroll and adjust things by mistake with your Magic Mouse?

Sometimes as I move the Magic Mouse my fingers accidentally touch the surface causing scrolling to occur (unintentional input). During general use (e.g., using the Finder, surfing the web) this isn't a problem but in other environments (such as Photoshop or other apps requiring a degree of precision) it can be extremely annoying as your workspace may suddenly jump to another position or other things may happen inadvertently.

*My questions are:*
1. Has anyone else encountered this phenomenon? If so, please respond here to draw attention to this issue.
2. Will it be possible for Apple to address this through software/firmware updates?

*Solutions that are not helpful:*
a) Adjusting the sensitivity (scrolling/tracking speed) of the mouse
b) Learning to use the mouse differently (in a physical sense)

After using the mouse for several weeks, this remains as the biggest complaint. This was not an issue with the Mighty Mouse.

Magic Mouse, Mac OS X (10.6.2)
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    Hi Severed Head & welcome to discussions

    Not sure how you can compare the two at all in that sense.

    Magic is essentially a touch-pad with over 100 actual sensors - Mighty was a mouse with buttons...

    While many applauded the innovation, not all users became comfortable with a laptop that features a touch-pad. I suspect you may be in this group.

    If you are unable to either relate or adopt to the specific interaction that Magic, just like a touch-pad, provides you may be better suited with a conventional mouse...not a problem, it's just a fact of living a digital life that not all gadgets delight all users in all ways.

    I believe Apple Stores have a two-week return window.
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    1) Yes, I do have this problem. I find it most severe when using Google's Picasa, and I often find myself accidentally scrolling through 10's if not 100's of photo's unintentionally. Very annoying! I'm assuming it's because I am accidentally touching the top surface of the mouse. This never happened with my Mighty Mouse.

    2) I hope so! I would have thought you could disable the top scrolling while the mouse is moving, or maybe even if it is only a light touch? It seems like there should be some solution through clever software.

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    Ok, c'mon Apple. I experience a similar problem where I accidentally scroll all over the place whenever I move my hand from the keyboard to the mouse. True, I could train myself to be careful, but how is that "Magic"? Unlike user K T suggests, I do like the mouse despite this (and I suspect the other people here do as well, otherwise why bother complaining about it?) but I know both issues could be easily fixed if Apple just provided an option to ignore the touch input while the mouse was moving like jamesgood72 suggested (sort of like the 'ignore accidental trackpad input' option on laptops.)
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    I have the same problem. I work in Photoshop a lot and it cause zooming in and out of photo I'm working on. It is a pain.

    I'm trying a tool called MagicPrefs which is free and allows to set way more options then the default apple settings. Hopefully it helps


    If anyone else comes up with something better please post.
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