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I need to convert a flash.swf file to an animated gif. I read that quicktime can do it. Converting and swf to Quicktime is easy but all the posts I read about QT to .gif are old, from 2002. Can anyone give me a 2009 answer as I need to do this.



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    QuickTime can't play .swf any longer (security issues).
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    Since when? Ah maybe the Iphone, Flash, Quicktime brawl continues. Could never understand why Apple who owns Quicktime doesn't use it to convert Flash for mobile. Obviously alot more programming to so as the file sizes will slow down to a crawl.

    Anyway just curious why there is a security sue and since when?
  • ralphiedee Level 2 (335 points)
    Hold on a second, I was just able to convert an swf to QT(as an image sequence) it plays the converted.mov file. Now how to I convert that into an animated.gif?

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    Previous versions could open and play .swf files if they were "published" (authored in the Flash software) as version 5, or lower. Flash is currently at 10.1 (beta).
    If you export to an "image sequence" you could use a Gif app to "animate" it. QuickTime Pro can't make animated .gif files. Only .mov files from still images.
    The final file will be dozens of times larger than the .swf file and will not look as good or scale in dimensions.
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    Ah, I see as I have QT Pro 7.6.4 and I did see a msg before I exported the swf that it is only available in Flash 5 or lower. So export to QT and find an OSX app to animate?

    I just tried to export the mov file as image sequences and you are right as QT exports frame by frame sequences which are of no use. I got posts up in the Adobe forum as well.

    thx for the info