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Just got a 3GS - Ive noticed when I right click the iphone device in itunes that it says "back up iphone". Which I have done. What exactly does this back up and where is it stored? (Is it easy to to a restore with this backup?)

Within the iphone menu (through itunes) there is a section in the Info tab which relates to contacts where it says "Sync Contacts with...".

I have left this unticked. Do I need to have this box checked to back up my contacts? Im a little scared to do it in case it syncs my contacts on the phone with whats on the computer - which is nothing, and wipes all contact data on my phone. (Kind of like what happens when you sync an ipod with a computer that has a blank library.)

Advice please?

Ps - Are any of the contacts stored on the sim with the iphone? What data is actually stored on the sim?

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    This article explains what is stored in the iphone backups and where the backup is located on your computer.


    The iphone is NOT a backup device and your contacts should be stored on your computer and your computer data SHOULD be backed up.
    To merge the contacts on your phone with a supported application on your computer(Outlook, Address Book/Outlook Express), do the following:

    Make sure that auto sync when an ipod/iphone is connected is disabled under preferences in itunes.
    Place at least one contact in whatever supported application you use on your computer, it can be fake, it doesn't matter.
    Connect your phone with itunes running, DO NOT SYNC!
    Right click the phone in the device pane & select reset warnings, this should generate a merge prompt when you sync.
    Under the contacts tap in itunes, select the application you want to sync your contacts with and select all.
    When you now sync, you should receive a pop up regarding your contacts, asking to merge or replace. Select merge and your phone's contacts will populate the supported application on your computer.

    The iphone does not support storing contacts on the sim card.
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    Thanks for the reply.

    Ill give that a shot in a bit.

    Im a bit confused as the, "Automatically sync when this phone is connected" is checked.

    Also I dont get asked for a passcode when I connect to itunes - even though I have a passcode on the phone.

    I sometimes dont get asked for my password when downloading apps from the store either.

    Is there something wrong my with my iphone?
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    No, not at all, my iPhone does the same, I think it does it once then guesses being connected to your computer means it's with its owner, most of you worries are dealt with by Apple, 99% of the time like asking how to merge/replace data. You restore iPhone with the restore button next to update and it backs up every sync, automatic syncing is about convenience, most people use it.
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    Ive done that now. Its synching to Windows address book now. Automatically sync when iphone is connected and synch contacts with windows address book are both now checked.

    Does this mean whenever I plug my iphone into the itunes that it will copy any new contacts to the windows address book and I can use this contact list if anything happens to my iphone?

    Do you know where this contact file is stored on the computer so I can add it to my backup list?

    Thanks again
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    You will have a copy of anything checked to sync on your computer (calendar-Outlook/iCal etc.) plus a back up of the entire iPhone stored by iTunes itself.
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    *Backup iPhone Contacts to your computer*. I downloaded this iPhone contacts backup software. It helps me to transfer my contacts to computer easily.


    Hope this helps.