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Hi all,

For the past month or so, I have been getting duplicate messages for all incoming emails in a specific account when using Apple Mail. The account uses exchange. My gmail account does NOT have this problem in Apple Mail. I had this problem in Leopard, and it has continued despite upgrading to Snow Leopard.

I also installed a Time Capsule at around the same time the duplicates started appearing, and in other posts on this forum some have suggested the problem is with the Time Capsule. However, the same users that stated this (and said that Apple support was able to fix the problem) did not provide an answer about exactly how to fix this issue.

Since it appears that I am not alone in having this problem, perhaps it would be useful if somebody who found a solution via talking with Apple Support could share the solution here? Or any other suggestions?


iMac, + Time Capsule
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    I am seeing the same duplication of email. I have two accounts from the same exchange. In the past I have had full separation of the email sent to the accounts. Since loading Leopard, I get emails from on account duplicated in the other account. The problem is that it happens only one way. one account gets duplicates and the other does not. I can not figure out any settings that could correct this. The only thing is that the first account opened is the one that gets the duplicate records and the records come from the second account.