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I have two (different) 64gb USB-Flash-Disks and both are not working ...
In the beginning I thought it would be a Problem of the Flash-Disks, but if I format them on my old WinXP computer with the HP-Tool on FAT32 they are working on Windows-Computers - and also with my Airport-Extreme.

The Problem:
If i connect the Memory-Stick with my MacBook it is shown as a external Hard-Disk (? - other Flash-Disks are always shown as USB-Memory)
If i copy some Files on the Stick it stops exactly when 4gb are written on the Stick - it disconnects from the System and I get a Error-Message: "reading or writing of the File was not possible"
(i tried different files with no more than 800mb - so it's not the 4gb Problem of the FAT32-System)
If I try to Format the Stick with the MAC Hard-Disk-Tool the Program freeze (if i don't use FAT)

Is there Somebody with some Ideas? - I really need help ...

Now I have these expansive Memory-Sticks and I cant use them
(or just if i connect them by wlan and the Airport-Extreme - where I can use them normally ... but it is so slow ...)
... and I can't give them back, because they are working everywhere (exept my Mac)

MacBook Air, Mac OS X (10.6.2)