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  • aussiedogs Level 1 Level 1 (10 points)
    I have a somewhat similar problem with an Epson R800. The difference is that I do have utilities working but I also have no way of choosing paper quality, size, or print options nor can I determine the level of ink supplies.
    Install of rosetta only provided utilities, which is good, but still not a fully functioning printer. I also have been forced to use the same gutenprint driver everyone else is using. It's interesting to note that under Leopard epson clearly stated on their website that the printer would loose functionality if gutenprint was used as the driver.
    I have contacted Epson twice and gotten the same bogus info both times. " it's up to apple to provide us with necessary data in order to create a driver compatible with SL".
    I did read somewhere that this info was provided to all printer providers by apple a little over a year before the issue of SL.
    I could be wrong but I would bet that the apple version is the correct one on this issue.
  • dnelsongb Level 1 Level 1 (0 points)
    I too am having difficulties with the printer now that I am using the latest OS. The fore mentioned items the other people are spot on to what I am experiencing. Now I cant print resumes to get a job to pay for this expensive equipment. Thanks again Apple!
  • John Blanchard1 Level 5 Level 5 (5,030 points)
    Why Apple? Contact Epson and see if they have plans to release a Snow Leopard driver for your printer if the Gutenprint driver doesn't work.
  • robphoton2 Level 1 Level 1 (0 points)
    This got rid of the Gutenprint driver and the Epson driver then became active which was already installed previously from the epson CD or download from Epson site. I don't know which, but it was already there but was being ignored, apparently. Under this arrangement the Epson Printer Utility 2 became active and allowed me to see ink data so now I know what cartridges to replace. Go to the apple menu and then preferences and then utility and push the button, open printer utility. The button Supply Levels still does not show ink levels but at least I get the warnings when my ink levels are low and it tells me which cartridge to change under the utility. I can also select paper type which I could not do before.
  • ricketyrack Level 1 Level 1 (0 points)
    Lost the ability to see ink levels in "Supply Levels" back when I installed Leopard (not snow).

    My R1800 utility may be different but a "Status Monitor" button that displays the low ink warnings also displays actual ink levels when there are no warnings to display.

    Just wish I could get the printer to stop demanding a new cartridge when it is low and wait till it is empty without having to use a chip resetter.

  • Chris93 Level 1 Level 1 (0 points)
    I have read all the previous correspondence with great interest, and a feeling of despair. I have followed all the recommendations that have been offered. In a nutshell. Uninstalled R200 to wipe the board clean. Downloaded and installed, (uninstall Gutenprint V5.2.3drivers). Downloaded MAC OSX v 10.6.2 (combo) update. At this point, I thought that I had realigned the HD to accept the R200 back but with the necessary overrides. Installed 'Rosetta'. Now I am convinced that I have done all the right things. Re-install R200 from disk. Try test print. "MAC cannot find a printer"! Powered off MAC. Disconnected R200 cable. Restarted Mac. Selected print. No printer found. Select printer. Guess what? Right back to square 1. I can print with GutenprintV5.2.3drivers. PS you can get a nozzel check from the printer if it is disconnected from the MAC. See Epson HELP.
  • James Endy Level 1 Level 1 (20 points)
    I have an Epson Stylus Photo 890 with the same problems after upgrading to Snow Leopard. I deleted the Gutenberg driver as suggested by the Epson Mac Tec then, from the epson site, downloaded and installed the driver for Tiger (the first driver mentioned for the intel processor) and my printer is back to normal.
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