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Is it possible to backup or "share" your iPhone apps from iTunes to another PC without having to connect the iPhone to the other computer?

Windows XP Pro
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    Yes, I've used Home Sharing to transfer apps.
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    How did u do that? I know longer have my iPhone but at some point in the future I will and I want to copy all the apps (some 100+) onto my iTunes. But, that PC will not be around so I need to copy them to an alternate PC and use that when the time comes.
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    You have to have both PCs connected to some sort of network. I use my home wireless.

    In iTunes, turn on Home sharing on both PCs, of course.....then at the 'empty' PC, click the little triangle next to the words "Home Sharing" in iTunes.

    Go down the list to Applications and click there.
    Highlight all the apps and press the transfer button.
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    Hmm. I get no option on either the empty PC or on the other one to select Home PC for the apps. The only thing that shows up is the music. On the empty PC, only music shows up, not apps.

    I went to the Apple Store today and I spoke with one of the "Geniuses" and I was told that Home Sharing only works with music, not apps??
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    Well, that genius was wrong....I've transferred apps between machines using itunes 9 home sharing.
    Here is a screenshot from my laptop showing 2 apps I can copy over.

    Backing up,have you seen this document? Is there anything in it that doesn't make sense?
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    I dont believe the Genius was wrong. I do appreciate you taking the time to reply. Unfortunately, there does not appear to be an documentation to support what you're claiming. I dont see what you're seeing. I dont have the option in seeing "Mac Library" as you appear to have in your iTunes. Have a see at my screen print below.

    Sadly, my results are the same as the Genius' results. I can copy music and movies between shared accounts and different PCs, not apps. My apps that I am referring to are iPhone apps. I dunno if this makes a difference with your results.

    Your screen pic shows the apps but it doesn't show the "work-in progress" or any screen that shows "copy" when right clicking on the app.

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    Katrina, you're right. The Genius was wrong. I didnt know what u meant by the arrow, now I do. I have to click on the arrow next to the name of the PC's home sharing account. I also need to ensure the settings (when you see the settings option) in the home sharing iTunes screen indicate Applications are also selected.

    It's working now and it's copying over.

    BTW, u seem to know quite a bit. Do u know how to move a backup of the iPhone onto another PC? I did this and that backup shows "unknown"?
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    Of course I'm right
    In your screenshot, you had your local PC's applications highlighted.
    You need to move it down and highlight Home Shared _Susan's Library_ with the yellow home sharing icon.
    And yes, the little triangle was pointing to the right, when it should have been pointing down.

    I realize you 'get it' now. I just typed that out in case it will help someone else. And by the way, click on the images twice so they will be big enough to read the text.

    I know very little about iPhones, since I don't own one, but there is an iPhone forum. Post your question about backups over there, and good luck!