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Hello All,

Just curious but can anyone let me know if the iBook G4 can run OS X? If not what are the minimum requirments for OS X? Thanks.

Respectfully Yours,

IBook G4, Mac OS X (10.5)
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    OS X has had many releases. Depending on which iBook you have, you may be able to go all the way to Leopard.

    See this article for the system requirements for Leopard:

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    Welcome to Apple Discussions!

    Since your profile says you have 10.5, I can only assume it already is on your iBook. Is that correct?

    Snow Leopard will not run on any iBook. But as Lyssa says, 10.5 will run on any iBook G4 with 867 Mhz, or 1 GHz, with at least 512MB of RAM, and 9 GB of free hard disk space. That 9 GB of hard disk space, is more realisticly 9 GB + 15% free. Some of Mac OS X needs room for swap files and other functions. the 15% is user experience of the minimum free space for smooth operating of Mac OS X.

    If you don't already have 10.5 on your iBook, please state which speed iBook you have, your optical drive, and what operating system do you have on it?
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    Alternatively, if your iBook doesn't meet the specs noted by a brody, see

    http://www.tidbits.com/webx?14@@.3cb6ddd5/5 and

    Additonally, this for an iMac might work for the iBook:

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    I believe the ibook has a 1 Ghz process. It was given to me and seems to have a bad hard drive. I have the 10.5 installation cd but am uncertain of the actual hardware specs. right now I only get a unix like command prompt which reads -sh-2.05b#. I have run FSCK -f and it reports with a message of Volume check failed. I am therefore assuming the HD is bad.
    I want to replace the HD but dont see the point if the 10.5 OS will not run on it. I do not know what the RAM specification is but my guess it is the base RAM that is sold with the ibook. Is there a way to get the hardware specs from the command line? I am willing to upgrade the ram as well if necessary. Thanks.

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    Is this a retail copy of Leopard? If so, that will work fine, provided this machine has enough RAM.

    If you lift up the keyboard, you should see a sticker in the upper-left corner with the specifications for the computer, including processor speed, hard drive size and logicboard RAM. That machine will have either 128MB or 256MB of logicboard RAM. You can then remove the Airport card & the RAM shield and check for additional RAM.

    Instructions for removing RAM are on page 55 of this manual:

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    Leopard may balk at less than 512 MB of RAM.
    Make sure your RAM is high quality RAM such as those mentioned here*:


    You may be able to restore your 10.5 Time Machine backup by booting off the retail 10.5 DVD using the startup manager below:

    (The startup manager will reveal your 10.5 installer disc, and select the 10.5 installer disk, and click on the right pointing arrow on the right side after doing so)

    Then from the Utilities menu (after selecting the language), select Time Machine, and attach your Time Machine drive.

    This would allow you to recover your 10.5 backup from your Time Machine drive.

    Note, PowerPC Macs may have difficulty if the drive is USB. Moving the drive into a Firewire hard drive case often will offer faster recovery on PowerPC Macs, especially with iBook G4s so old.

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