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I have previously used port forwarding via an AEn to access my Mac Pro while away. I have now installed a Mac mini Server and continue to use the Mac Pro as a client. Port forwarding now directs all incoming requests to the server for e-mail, file sharing, and web services, which I wish to continue. However, I'd also like to continue to access the other box, where I have telephony software installed requiring access to a phone jack (and the Mac mini is in a closet...). Is there a way to to access both the Mac mini Server and the Mac Pro? Thanks.


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    Hi Charles
    Here's how I do it.
    First I do not "Port Forward" to my server. I use NAT which sends all default traffic to the server.
    I use Port Forwarding to route to other machines.

    The internal IP of my server is, and I believe that is the default NAT setting on a AE
    If you went to www.mydomain.com you would hit my Xserver's web services

    If you went to www.mydomain.com:81 you would be directed to the web services on my MacPro.
    In Port Mapping I used port 81 as the Public Port, the internal IP of my MacPro of, and of course use a private port of 80.

    As an example, for one machine I use Public Port 547 for AFP, 5901 for VNC, and 27 for FTP.

    Well known" TCP and UDP ports used by Apple software products
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    Depending on how your network is configured, you could use the VPN service on the Mini Server to establish a VPN connection back to your home network, and then use VNC to access the MacPro and the Mini Server.

    The sticky part relates to how you configure your home private IP address set, compared to the private IP address set wherever you happen to be. For example, most WiFi routers default to the private Class C IP network of 192.168.0.x, and if you have that network on both ends of the VPN, it would not work properly.

    If on the other hand, everything you are trying to access is web-based, then the previous advice would be best.

    G. Discenza
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    Worked like a charm... Thanks.