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ok i have a 80gb ipod i just downloaded the itunes 9. so i plug my ipod in and nothing happens. it doesn't show up on the computer or itunes. and when it's plugged in the ipod screen usually says do not disconnect well when i plug it in now it doesn't do anything it just stay's on the main menu. so try another ipod it's a igb ipod nano. so i plug that in and it works! it comes up on the computer and itunes. i have also used my 80gb one on another computer that has itunes 7 and it works fine on that one but i want it to work on this one. i have already tried the five R's and nothing worked. so if anyone knows how to help me fix my problem Please let me know. Thank You!
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    Ive had the same problem ever since i updated.
    my iPod is recognized by the computer and mounts on the desktop but itunes wont recognize my ipod.

    Fix it apple.
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    I had to clean out my computer due to a virus. Now that I am building the software back I cannot get Itunes to connect to my Ipod. I have removed itunes 9.0.2 and installed 8.x due to the difficulties I have read elsewhere about the problems with 9.0.

    I have "hard started" the Ipod several times and switched USB connections several times.

    Any other ideas?
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    I just updated iTunes as well and now my 80gb Classic will not sync. I keep trying to update the drivers and I get the same error message: Apple USB Driver file not found.

    Does anyone know where I can find an older version of iTunes? Obviously, iTunes 9.2 is not going to work with the iPod classic.

    I really hope Apple gets around to fixing this....
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    ok so i plugged my 8ogb ipod into the computer that had itunes 6 and once i pugged it in a window pop up saying it had new software to download on my ipod so i clicked yes and then it after it downloaded it said it can only run on something higher than itunes 7 so i downloaded itunes 9 and it worked on that computer with itunes 9 but it still won't work on my other computer. so if you know someone with a itunes 6 or 7 try plugging it in thiers and if a window pops up saying it has new software to download then you should do it. then it should work on your itunes 9. the only reason why it's not working for me on this one computer is because when i plug it in nothing happens, the computer doesn't read it. but if your computer reads your ipod but not on itunes then i think all you need to do is put the new software on it. hopefully this helps all of you.
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    oh and if anyone knows why one computer is reading my ipod but the other one isn't please let me know how to fix it! like i said it read's the 1GB ipod nano but when i plug my 80GB ipod in nothing happens nothing pops up it doesn't show on my computer anywhere. and it's very frustrating! so if you know anything about that please let me know thank you!