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Hello, before few days (3) i buy a brand new apple ipod classic 160 gb's from apple store. Today after i wait the battery to be 100% die (just wondering how long i can listen music) when i plug the ipod in the charger nothing happens, it doesnt charge. After this i plug the ipod in the USB in my PC. Again nothing happens, open itunes again NOTHING! Open my computer cant find the device (ipod) ... I change the USB cable from my Iphone 3G's but again nothing ... guys help me before go in apple store and give em back this ** which apple made. Btw if it does matter im using latest itunes and firmware. I've tryed to plug it in another computer but still the same thing ! PLEASE HELP!

Btw i have tried to put the ipod in disk mode or reset it but i cant turn it on ... the display doesnt react ...

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Reply by iPod Whisperer on Nov 20, 2009 3:19 PM Helpful
Make sure you are connecting the iPod directly to a USB port on your computer - NOT through a USB hub.

Also, plug it into a USB port on the back of your computer, not the front.

The iPod will only charge as long as the computer is on. Make sure that your computer does not have some low power sleep mode that it goes into after a few minutes. Some computers reduce or turn off power to USB in those situations.

The best way to charge your iPod is to connect it directly to a wall outlet using Apples little 'Marshmellow' AC adapter.


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