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I hope you can help me. My itunes greys out the option to sync my ipod. I was using it yesterday and I think I clicked something wrong. I suddenly had a new item called "'name' - selection". I think it was a smart list?? I could not get the ipod to sync right - all it exported was the new 'selection' playlist. So I deleted the 'selection' playlist thinking it would default back. But no, now it will not sync at all. Sync ipod is greyed out.

Can you help me?? Please??


Apple MacBook, Mac OS X (10.5.8)
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    hah, what a coincidence. I just published a thread with a similar problem, then solved it myself. I came back to delete my thread, or close it - then saw yours.

    Try what I just did. In your iTunes application, select your iPod with one click and reveal all of the greyed out content you describe. Then choose to "Manually Manage" your music. You will likely get a dialog box asking you if you want to apply the new changes to your iPod/iTunes relationship. It will not delete anything you have, but will suddenly make all of your content available to be copied to and from. You can drag and drop any and all of your music and playlists to and from iTunes after making this change. I hope this helps.